[1-16] Prolog Job Postings

The PROLOG-JOBS mailing list exists to help programmers find Prolog
programming positions, and to help companies with Prolog programming
positions find capable Prolog programmers. (Prolog here means Prolog-like
languages, including logic programming languages.)

Material appropriate for the list includes Prolog job announcements and
should be sent to ai+prolog-jobs@cs.cmu.edu. Resumes should NOT be sent to
the list. 

[Note: The 'ai+' part of the mailing list name is used for directing
submissions to the appropriate mail-server. The list is NOT restricted
to AI-related Prolog jobs -- all Prolog job announcements are welcome.]

As a matter of policy, the contents of this mailing list is
considered confidential and will not be disclosed to anybody.

To subscribe, send a message to ai+query@cs.cmu.edu with
   subscribe prolog-jobs <First Name> <Last Name>, <Affiliation/Organization>
in the message body.

(If your mailer objects to the "+", send subscription requests to
"ai+query"@cs.cmu.edu, job announcements to "ai+prolog-jobs"@cs.cmu.edu, 

For help on using the query server, send mail to ai+query@cs.cmu.edu with
in the message body.

Job postings sent to the list are automatically archived in

If you have any other questions, please send them to ai+@cs.cmu.edu
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