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;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Prolog Resource Guide ******************************************
;;; ****************************************************************
;;; prg_1.faq

This post contains the Prolog Resource Guide.

Contributions, corrections, suggestions, and comments should be sent
to Mark Kantrowitz <>. 

This guide lists a variety of resources for the Prolog community,
including books, magazines, ftp archives, and products. It is posted
on the 13th of every month to the newsgroups comp.lang.prolog and
comp.object.logic. The PRG is also posted to the newsgroups
news.answers and comp.answers where they should be available at any
time (ask your local news manager).

*** Copyright:

Copyright (c) 1992-94 by Mark Kantrowitz. All rights reserved.

This FAQ may be freely redistributed in its entirety without
modification provided that this copyright notice is not removed.  It
may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents
(e.g., published for sale on CD-ROM, floppy disks, books, magazines,
or other print form) without the prior written permission of the
copyright holder.  Permission is expressly granted for this document
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unrestricted anonymous file transfer on the Internet.

If this FAQ is reproduced in offline media (e.g., CD-ROM, print form,
etc.), a complimentary copy should be sent to Mark Kantrowitz, School
of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 USA.

This article is provided AS IS without any express or implied warranty.

*** Recent Changes:

;;; 1.30:
;;;  7-AUG-95 mk    Updated Amzi! entry in part 2.
;;; 1.31:
;;; 29-AUG-95 mk    Added ORISA Prolog entry to part 2.
;;; 29-AUG-95 mk    Added [1-19] about ISO Prolog Standard
;;; 30-AUG-95 mk    Updated entry for LPA Prolog in part 2.
;;; 12-SEP-95 mk    Several changes to [1-1], [1-3], [1-13], [1-15] and part 2
;;;                 (ALS Prolog and CLP(RI)) by Ken Bowen.
;;; 1.32:
;;; 18-SEP-95 mk    Updated Prolog by BIM and IBM Prolog entries.
;;; 1.33:
;;; 18-OCT-95 mk    Added entry on Mercury to [2-7].
;;;  9-NOV-95 mk    Updated ALP info - Logic Programming Newsletter and [1-4].
;;; 19-MAR-96 mk    Added note about Henderson paper to [1-10].
;;; 14-MAY-96 mk    Added entry for Visual Prolog to part 2.
;;; 14-MAY-96 mk    Updated LPA Prolog entry.
;;; 14-MAY-96 mk    Prolog Vendors' Group renamed Prolog Management Group, and
;;;                 email address changed due to Al Roth's death earlier this
;;;                 year.

*** Topics Covered:

There are currently two parts to the PRG:

   1. Introductory Matter and General Questions
   2. Prolog Implementations

Table of Contents (Part 1):

  [1-0]  Introduction
  [1-1]  Sources of information about Prolog
  [1-2]  Prolog and Logic Programming Related Mailing Lists
  [1-3]  Books and Magazine Articles
  [1-4]  Prolog and Logic Programming Associations and Journals
  [1-5]  FTP Archives and Other Resources
  [1-6]  Free Object-Oriented Systems for Prolog
  [1-7]  Commercial Object-Oriented Systems for Prolog
  [1-8]  The Prolog 1000 Database
  [1-9]  X-Windows Interfaces
  [1-10] Is there a straight-forward way of compiling Prolog to C?
  [1-11] WAM emulators and tracers
  [1-12] What is the Basic Andorra Model and AKL?
  [1-13] What is Constraint Logic Programming?
  [1-14] How do you write portable programs in Prolog?
  [1-15] World-Wide Web (WWW) Resources
  [1-16] Prolog Job Postings
  [1-17] Is Prolog really used in Windows NT?
  [1-18] History of Prolog
  [1-19] The ISO Standard for Prolog and other Prolog standards
  [1-A]  Acknowledgements

Prolog Implementations (Part 2):

  [2-0]  General information about Prolog Implementations
  [2-1]  Free Prolog Implementations
  [2-2]  Commercial Prolog Implementations
  [2-3]  Free Parallel Prolog Implementations
  [2-4]  Commercial Parallel Prolog Implementations
  [2-5]  Free Constraint Systems
  [2-6]  Commercial Constraint Systems
  [2-7]  Free Logic Programming Systems
  [2-8]  Commercial Logic Programming Systems
  [2-9]  Other Commercial Prolog Products
  [2-10] Prolog extensions, meta-interpreters, and pre-processors

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