C++SIM Release 1.0 Announcement

From: M.C.Little@newcastle.ac.uk (Mark Little)
Organization: Computing Laboratory, U of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK NE17RU
Keywords: C++, SIMULA, simulation, object-oriented
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1993 15:02:33 GMT

C++SIM 1.0 Release Announcement.

This is to announce the release of version 1.0 of C++SIM, a simulation
package written in C++. C++SIM provides discrete process based
simulation similar to that provided by the simulation class and
libraries of SIMULA. The linked list manipulation facilities provided
by SIMSET are also included in the package.

Inheritance was used throughout the design to an even greater extent
than is already provided by SIMULA. This has allowed us to add new
functionality without affecting the overall system structure, and hence
provides for a more flexible and expandable simulation package.

A paper is included which describes the design and implementation of
C++SIM and includes a worked example of how to use the package. The
paper describes the class hierarchy which we have created, and
indicates how it can be used to further refine the simulation package.

The simulation package requires the use of a threads package and
currently only works with Sun's lightweight process library or the Gnu
thread package (which *is* included in the distribution). The package has
been used on Sun workstations, and, with the exception of the thread
library requirement, contains no system specific code which should make
porting to other systems relatively easy. The code has been compiled
with Cfront 2.1 and Cfront 3.0.1 and g++ 2.3.3

If you find any bugs or make modifications (e.g., ports to other thread
packages) or port it to other systems, then please let me know so I can
keep the sources up-to-date for other users.

The package is available via anonymous ftp from arjuna.ncl.ac.uk

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