Binaries for OMG IDL CFE placed on

Date: 11 Jun 93 00:13:11 GMT

SunSoft has made available statically linked binaries for the OMG IDL CFE,
for both Solaris 1.x and Solaris 2.x. Because they are statically linked,
these binaries can be used on systems which do not have the SparcWorks (TM)
compilers installed.

It is expected that people who only want an IDL parser will prefer to
obtain these binaries instead of compiling the program on their host.
People who want to build a complete compiler, by programming their own
back-end, will continue to obtain the sources which are also provided at
the same location.

The binaries can be obtained by anonymous FTP to They are
installed in the directory pub/OMG_IDL_CFE_1.2/bin, in idl.SunOS4.x and
idl.Solaris2.x. Uuencoded versions are also available, in the same

Please send email to if you obtain these files.

The attached copyright applies to the provided binaries and to the source
files provided on the file server.

Copyright 1992 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  Printed in the United States of
America.  All Rights Reserved.

This product is protected by copyright and distributed under the following
license restricting its use.

The Interface Definition Language Compiler Front End (CFE) is made
available for your use provided that you include this license and copyright
notice on all media and documentation and the software program in which
this product is incorporated in whole or part. You may copy and extend
functionality (but may not remove functionality) of the Interface
Definition Language CFE without charge, but you are not authorized to
license or distribute it to anyone else except as part of a product or
program developed by you or with the express written consent of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. ("Sun").

The names of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries or
affiliates may not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to
distribution of Interface Definition Language CFE as permitted herein.

This license is effective until terminated by Sun for failure to comply
with this license.  Upon termination, you shall destroy or return all code
and documentation for the Interface Definition Language CFE.

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Mountain View, California  94043

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