Re: Class libraries for accessing RDBs ?

From: (Daz)
Organization: Monash University, Melb., Australia.
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1993 23:53:22 GMT

shekar@gizmo.CS.MsState.Edu (Chandrashekar Ramanathan) writes:

>       Are there any shareware/ftp'able C++ class libraries that
>provide Relational Database access? I would also appreciate any
>pointers (ideas/articles/journals) to the various issues that one has
>to consider in designing such library. 
Ok, I'm not sure if it's exactly what you want, but it's a database, it's
fully written in c++ with classes etc, and it's out for beta testing.

Check out
and please mail if you decide to play with

Darren Platt, Department of Computer Science
Monash University, Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

>17  Exodus (Storage Man, perst)

What: Exodus project software (Storage Manager & GNU E)
From: (Mike Zwilling)
Date: 16 Jul 92 04:53:19 GMT

In the past there have been discussions in comp.object and comp.databases
about persistent storage for object-oriented databases and programming
languages.  As you may know, the EXODUS Database Toolkit project at the
University of Wisconsin has researched these issues and others for a number of
years.  The purpose of this note is to inform you that the software from the
EXODUS project is freely available via anonymous ftp.  The EXODUS software
includes the EXODUS Storage Manager and the compiler for the E persistent
programming language.  Also included is documentation, and a suite of test
programs for both components.  This note briefly describes the software and
explains how to obtain it.  We currently support DECstation 3100s/5000s and
SPARC based workstations.  Others have ported the code to HP700s and IBM

The EXODUS Storage Manager is a client-server object storage system which
provides "storage objects" for storing data, versions of objects, "files"
for grouping related storage objects, and indexes for supporting efficient
object access.  A storage object is an uninterpreted container of bytes which
can range in size from a few bytes to hundreds of megabytes.  The Storage
Manager provides routines to read, overwrite, and efficiently grow and shrink
objects.  In addition, the Storage Manager provides transactions, lock-based
concurrency control, and log-based recovery.

GNU E is a persistent, object-oriented programming language developed as part
of the Exodus project.  GNU E extends C++ with the notion of persistent data,
program level data objects that can be transparently used across multiple
executions of a program, or multiple programs, without explicit input and
output operations.

GNU E's form of persistence is based on extensions to the C++ type system to 
distinguish potentially persistent data objects from objects that are always
memory resident.  An object is made persistent either by its declaration (via
a new "persistent" storage class qualifier) or by its method of allocation
(via persistent dynamic allocation using a special overloading of the new
operator).  The underlying object storage system is the Exodus storage manager,
which provides concurrency control and recovery in addition to storage for
persistent data.

The current release of GNU E is based on gcc/g++ version 2.2.2, and is upward 
compatible with C++ as implemented by that compiler.

A bibliography of EXODUS related papers can be obtained from the ftp site
described below.

To obtain the software, simply ftp to (, login
as anonymous with your email address as a password, "cd" to the "exodus"
directory, and follow the directions (directions will be given as you "cd").
See the README for the latest information about the software and an indication
of our future plans.  If you decide to use the software, please contact us at so that we can notify you of changes.

>18  GRAS

GRAS - A Graph-Oriented Database System for SE Applications
Copyright (C) 1987-1992  Lehrstuhl Informatik III, RWTH Aachen
This library is free software under the terms of the GNU Library 
General Public License.

Lehrstuhl f"ur Informatik III --> GRAS
University of Technology Aachen (RWTH Aachen),
Ahornstr. 55,
D-5100 Aachen
Contact : Dr. Andy Sch"urr (or Richard Breuer), (for technical support)

The system GRAS with interfaces for the programming languages Modula-2
and C is available as public domain software for Sun3/Sun4 workstations
(the GRAS system itself is implemented in Modula-2 and consists of many
layers which might be reusable for the implementation of other systems): 

  Via anonymous ftp from
  ( in the directory /pub/unix/GRAS522_3

  There are several files contain documentation, sources, binaries,
  and libraries. All binaries are for Sun/4 machines. Sun/3 binaries
  are shipped only if explicitly requested.


>19  MOOD   (OODB, lim arch)

What: MOOD/P3 Ver.2.00 OODBS {Miniature,Materials}OODBS.
From: (Noboru Ono)
Date: 18 May 92 10:28:42 GMT

The following program/sample database package is available through anonymous
FTP at ( Sorry it is not the sources and
operates only in NEC-PC9801/MS-DOS environment.  Sorry again documents are all
in Japanese. We will tell you later when English documents has become ready.

      MOOD/P3 Ver.2.00
      Material's Object-Oriented Database, Prototype 3

This program, as you may guess,

      1) is an Object-Oriented database system program,
      2) operates on PC-9801 series personal computer, and
      3) is accompanied by sample material database schema.

Although this program has been developed and being used in the experiments
on material data processing in which we are now involved, it is a general
purpose OODBS. 

Noboru Ono
Dept. of Machine Intelligence and Systems Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University.

>20  Ode    (C++ OODB)

What: Ode Release 1.1

Ode is an object-oriented database based on the C++ database model. The
primary interface to Ode is the database programming language O++ which is
based on C++.

Ode 1.1 is now available to Universities.  This is a beta release.  The
current version of Ode runs on Sun (Sparc) workstations and users must have
C++ release 2.0 or a later release.  If you are interested in using Ode and
giving us feedback on your experience with Ode, please send me mail with the
appropriate information.

Narain Gehani
AT&T Bell Labs 3D-414
600 Mountain Ave
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
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