[7-2] What Graphers/Browsers are available?

Most of the graphics toolkits listed above include graphers. In
particular, CLIM, LispWorks, Garnet, and Lispview all include
graphers. The ISI grapher used to be in fairly widely used, but the
CLIM grapher seems to be overtaking it in popularity.

A simple grapher like the one described in "Lisp Lore" by Bromeley and
Lamson is available by anonymous ftp from
as the file graphers.tar.Z.uu. It includes versions for CLX, Express
Windows, NCW, CLUE, CLM/GINA, Common Windows, LispView, Winterp, CLIM
and YY. Several implementations have a mouse sensitivity feature and
others have implementation-specific features.  A copy has been made
available from the Lisp Utilities Repository. For further information,
contact Masayuki Ida <ida@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp>.

Grasper-CL is a system for viewing and manipulating graph-structured
information. Grasper-CL includes procedures for graph construction,
modification, and queries as well as a menu-driven, interactive,
layout and drawing package (implemented using CLIM) that allows graphs
to be constructed, modified, and viewed through direct pictorial
manipulation. Grasper-CL nodes include simple geometric figures, such
as circles, rectangles, and diamonds, as well as user-defined icons.
Grasper-CL links include piecewise linear and arbitrarily curved
arrows between nodes.  User-definable actions can be associated with
every graphical object.  The Grasper-CL system consists of several
different components: a core procedure library for programmatically
manipulating the graph abstract datatype, a graph-display module for
producing drawings of graphs, a graph editor that allows users to
interactively draw and edit arbitrary graphs, and a suite of automatic
graph-layout algorithms. Grasper-CL is available under license from
SRI; contact lowrance@ai.sri.com for licensing information.  For
additional technical information see
   P. D. Karp, J. D. Lowrance, T. M. Strat, and D. E. Wilkins, "The
   Grasper-CL Graph Management System", LISP and Symbolic Computation: An
   International Journal, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 7:251-290, 1994.
and the Grasper-CL home page,

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