[6-0] General information about FTP Resources for Lisp

Remember, when ftping compressed or compacted files (.Z, .z, .arc, .fit,
etc.) to use binary mode for retrieving the files.

Files that end with a .z suffix were compressed with the patent-free
gzip (no relation to zip). Source for gzip is available from:
as the files gzip-1.2.3.shar, gzip-1.2.3.tar,or gzip-1.2.3.msdos.exe.

FTP sites for Lisp and Scheme interpreters and compilers are discussed
in the answer to questions [4-0] and [4-2] and in the Scheme FAQ. See
the entry on Macintosh Common Lisp in question [4-1] for information
on the CD-ROM of Lisp code that Apple distributes with MCL 2.0.
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