[2-12] I'm porting some code from a Symbolics Lisp machine to some other platform, and there are strange characters in the code. What do they mean?

The Symbolics Zetalisp character set includes the following
characters not present in other Lisps (^ means control):
   ^]      >=      greater than or equal to
   ^\      <=      less than or equal to
   ^Z      !=      not equal to
   ^^      ==      equivalent to 
   ^E      not
   ^G      pi
   ^L      +/-     plus/minus
   ^H      lambda
   ^F      epsilon
   ^W      <-->    left/right arrow
   ^X      <--     left arrow
   ^Y      -->     right arrow
   ^A              down arrow
   ^K              up arrow
   ^D              up caret
   ^_              down caret
   ^T              forall
   ^U              there exists
   ^B              alpha
   ^C              beta
   ^I              gamma
   ^J              delta
   ^O              partial delta  
   ^N              infinity
   ^M              circle +
   ^V              circle x

Other special characters to look out for are the font-change characters,
which are represented as a ^F followed by a digit or asterisk. A digit
means to push font #N onto the stack; an asterisk means to pop the most
recent font from the stack. You can clean up the code by replacing "\^F."
with "". In format statements, ^P and ^Q are used to delimit text to
be printed in a particular character style.
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