[2-1] Is there a GNU-Emacs interface to Lisp?

ILISP is a powerful GNU-Emacs interface to many dialects of Lisp,
including Lucid, Allegro, {A}KCL, IBCL, and CMU.  Written by Chris
McConnell <ccm+@cs.cmu.edu> and now maintained by Marco Antoniotti
<marcoxa@cs.nyu.edu> and Rick Busdiecker <rfb@lehman.com>.  It is
available by anonymous ftp from
   h.gp.cs.cmu.edu:/usr/rfb/ilisp/ []
as the file ilisp-5.6.tar.gz.  It is also available in the CMU AI
Repository in
If you want to be on the ilisp mailing list, to hear about new
releases and patches, send mail to ilisp-request@lehman.com.  Please
send any comments, code, or bug reports to ilisp@lehman.com.

Franz Inc.'s GNU-Emacs/Lisp interface includes an online Common Lisp
manual. (The manual is available by license from Franz Inc. Contact
info@franz.com for more information.) The Emacs-Lisp interface
(without the online Common Lisp reference manual and some
Allegro-specific code) is available free from
and takes advantage of GNU-Emacs 19.X's newest features, including
support for mouse input, pulldown menus, and multifont text. The
interface also supports Epoch 3.2 and 4.2, and LEmacs 19.6 and 19.8.
For discussion of the Franz lisp-emacs interface, join the
allegro-cl-request@cs.berkeley.edu mailing list.
(See also [1-2] for a hardcopy version of the Common Lisp reference manual.)

The cl-shell package provides a major mode (cl-shell-mode) for running
Common Lisp (CL) as an Emacs subprocess.  It provides a general
mechanism for communication between CL and Emacs which does not rely
on extra processes, and should therefore be easily portable to any
version of CL.  Features include direct (i.e., not through a temp file)
evaluation and in-package compilation of forms from lisp-mode buffers,
type-ahead and a history mechanism for the cl-shell buffer, and pop-up
help facilities for the CL functions documentation, macroexpand and
describe.  Extensions for Lucid Common Lisp provide pop-up arglists
and source file editing.  Other extensions are provided to allow
editing source files of CLOS or Flavors methods.  Cl-shell is
available on the Lucid tape (in the goodies directory) or via
anonymous ftp from whitechapel.media.mit.edu (

Lucid includes some other Emacs-Lisp interfaces in its goodies directory.

Harlequin's LispWorks includes an Emacs-Lisp interface.

Venue's Medley has an optional EMACS Interface.

GNU-Emacs itself is available by anonymous ftp from prep.ai.mit.edu.

Edebug, a debugger for Emacs Lisp, and some utilities for Common Lisp
debugging (Dave Gillespie's version of cl.el) are available by
anonymous ftp from 
To join the Edebug mailing list edebug@cs.uiuc.edu send mail to 
edebug-request@cs.uiuc.edu. For more information, write to Daniel
LaLiberte <liberte@cs.uiuc.edu>. 
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