[24] Where to send calls for papers (cfp) and calls for participation

Date: 15-MAY-95

Fuzzy related calls for papers and calls for participation should be
sent by email to conferences@iao.fhg.de, or posted to the moderated
newsgroup news.announce.conferences. Both actions will have the same
effect. Please keep Subject lines informative; if space permits,
mention the topic and location there, and avoid acronyms unless very
widely known. Submissions will simultaneously appear in the newsgroup
news.announce.conferences and on the WorldWideWeb server of
Fraunhofer-IAO at <URL:http://www.iao.fhg.de/Library/conferences> as
soon as they have been processed.  The fuzzy-mail mailing list (see
[15]) scans this news-group for items related to fuzzy and uncertainty.
Matching messages will be moderated like any other message sent to the
mailing list, and if selected, will be forwarded to the Asian
fuzzy-mailing list (see [15]), NAFIPS-L (see [15]), as well as the
internet news-group comp.ai.fuzzy (see [1]).  Sending it only to
conferences@iao.fhg.de is normally enough to distribute the message
efficiently to all the other media.

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