[19] Companies Supplying Fuzzy Tools

Date: 15-APR-93

*** Note: Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement for the product. ***

Accel Infotech Spore Pte Ltd:

   Accel Infotech is a distributor for FUZZ-C from Byte Craft.

   FUZZ-C generates C code that may be cross-compiled to the 6805, Z8C
   and COP8C microprocessors using separate compilers.
   FUZZ-C was reviewed in the March 1993 issue of AI Expert.

   For more information, send email to accel@solomon.technet.sg, call 
   +65-7446863 (Richard) or fax +65-7492467.

Adaptive Informations Systems:

    This is a new company that specializes in fuzzy information systems.

    Main products of AIS:

    - Consultancy and application development in fuzzy information retrieval
      and flexible querying systems  

    - Development of a fuzzy querying application for value added network

    - A fuzzy solution for utilization of a large (lexicon based)
      terminological knowledge base for NL query evaluation

    Adaptive Informations Systems
    Hoestvej  8 B
    DK-2800  Lyngby
    Phone: 45-4587-3217
    Email: hll@dat.ruc.dk

Adaptive Logic (formerly American NeuraLogix):

      AL220       8 bit fuzzy microcontroller(18 pin DIP or 20 pin
                  SOIC) with A/D & D/A(4I/O).
      NLX221      4-8 bit digital I/O single chip fuzzy microcontroller
                  with EEPROM memory.
      NLX222      4-8 bit analog and digital I/O single chip fuzzy
      NLX230      8 bit microcontroller utilizing fuzzy logic at 30 million
                  rules per second.
      NLX110      Fuzzy Pattern Comparator.
      NLX112/113  Fuzzy Data Correlators.
      INSiGHT IIe Real time emulator, programmer and development
                  software for AL220.
      INSiGHT     Development software for NLX22X family.
      INStANT     Programmer for NLX22X family.
      ADS230      Development System for NLX230.
      ADS110      Development System for NLX110

      Note: The AL220 was named Innovation Of the Year '94 by EDN
      Magazine in the microprocessor category.  Data sheets and
      application notes are available on the products plus local
      application assistance. 

	Adaptive Logic Inc.
	800 Charcot Ave., Suite 112
	San Jose, CA 95131
	Phone: 408-383-7200
	Fax:       408-383-7201
	Email:   75471.2025@compuserve.com

	Applied Marketing & Technology Ltd.
	Saville Court, Saville Place, Clifton
	Bristol BS8 4EJ
	Phone: 117-9237594
	Fax:       117-9237598
	Email:    100435.1630@compuserve.com

	Nippon Precision Device
	Nichibei Time 24 Bldg.
	35 Tansu-cho
	Shinjuki-ku, Tokyo 162
	Phone: 332601411
	Fax:       332607100

	Adaptive Logic Inc.-R&D facility
	411 Central Park Drive
	Sanford, Fl 32771
	Phone: 407-322-5608
	Fax:   407-322-5609
	Email: 75471.2032@compuserve.com or info@adaptivelogic.com
        URL:   http://www.adaptivelogic.com/


     Fide      A MS Windows-hosted graphical development environment for
               fuzzy expert systems.  Code generators for Motorola's 6805, 
               68HC05, and 68HC11, and Omron's FP-3000 are available.  A
               demonstration version of Fide is available.

   Aptronix, Inc.
   2150 North First Street, Suite 300
   San Jose, Ca. 95131 USA
   Phone: 408-261-1888
   Fax:   408-261-1897
   Fuzzy Net BBS: 408-261-1883, 8/n/1

Aria Ltd.:

     DB-fuzzy         A library of fuzzy information retrieval for CA-Clipper.
		      See ftp.cs.cmu.edu:/user/ai/areas/fuzzy/com/aria/ for
                      more information.

   Aria Ltd.
   Dubravska 3
   842 21 Bratislava
   Phone: (+42 7) 3709 286
   Fax:   (+42 7) 3709 232
   Email: aria@softec.sk

   ClippArt Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of DB-fuzzy.
   Any additional information about DB-fuzzy you can obtain
   from this company.

   ClippArt Ltd.   Polianky 15           Tel. (+42 7) 786 160
		   841 02 Bratislava     Fax  (+42 7) 786 160

ByteCraft, Ltd.:

     Fuzz-C    "A C preprocessor for fuzzy logic" according to the cover of
               its manual.  Translates an extended C language to C source

   Byte Craft Limited
   421 King Street North
   Waterloo, Ontario
   Canada N2J 4E4
   Phone: 519-888-6911
   Fax:   519-746-6751
   Support BBS: 519-888-7626

Fril Systems Ltd:

   FRIL (Fuzzy Relational Inference Language) is a logic-programming
   language that incorporates a consistent method for handling
   uncertainty, based on Baldwin's theories of support logic, mass
   assignments, and evidential reasoning. Mass assignments give a
   consistent way of manipulating fuzzy and probabilistic uncertainties,
   enabling different forms of uncertainty to be integrated within a
   single framework. Fril has a list-based syntax, similar to the early
   micro-Prolog from LPA. Prolog is a special case of Fril, in which
   programs involve no uncertainty. Fril runs on Unix, Macintosh,
   MS-DOS, and Windows 3.1 platforms. 

   For further information, write to

      Dr B.W. Pilsworth
      Fril Systems Ltd
      Bristol Business Centre, 
      Maggs House,
      78 Queens Rd, 
      Bristol BS8 1QX, UK.

   A longer description is available as


     MB94100   Single-chip 4-bit (?) fuzzy controller.


     FuziCalc  An MS-Windows-based fuzzy development system based on a
               spreadsheet view of fuzzy systems.

   FuziWare, Inc.
   316 Nancy Kynn Lane, Suite 10
   Knoxville, Tn. 37919 USA
   Phone: 800-472-6183, 615-588-4144
   Fax:   615-588-9487

FuzzySoft AG:

      FuzzySoft     Fuzzy Logic Operating System runs under MS-Windows,
                    generates C-code, extended simulation capabalities.

   Selling office for Germany, Switzerland and Austria (all product
   inquiries should be directed here)

   GTS Trautzl GmbbH
   Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 9
   W-2358 Kaltenkirchen/Hamburg
   Phone: (49) 4191 8711
   Fax:   (49) 4191 88665

Fuzzy Systems Engineering:

     Manifold Editor           ?
     Manifold Graphics Editor  ?

     [These seem to be membership function & rulebase editors.]
   Fuzzy Systems Engineering
   P. O. Box 27390
   San Diego, CA 92198 USA
   Phone: 619-748-7384
   Fax:   619-748-7384 (?)

HyperLogic Corporation:

      CubiCalc            Windows-based Fuzzy Logic Shell. Includes
			  fuzzy and plant simulation, plots, file
			  I/O, DDE.

      CubiCalc RTC        Windows-based Fuzzy Logic Development
			  Environment. Superset of CubiCalc includes
			  run-time generator, code libraries, DLL for
			  Windows Applications (incl Visual Basic).

      CubiCard            Superset of CubiCalc RTC with data acquisition
			  capabilties via hardware interface board.

      CubiQuick           Inexpensive version of CubiCalc with limited
			  capabilties for classroom and small projects.
			  Academic discounts available.

      Rule Maker          Add-on to CubiCalc and higher products for
			  automatic rulebase generation. Provides four
			  different generation strategies.

   HyperLogic Corporation
   P.O. Box 300010
   Escondido, CA 92030-0010
   Tel: 619-746-2765
   Fax: 619-746-4089
   Email: prodinfo@hyperlogic.com

   The URL for their home page is http://www.hyperlogic.com/hl. It includes
   product descriptions, pricing information, their Tech Notes on various
   subjects, and several downloadable demonstration programs.


     fuzzyTECH 3.0     A graphical fuzzy development environment.  Versions
                       are available that generate either C source code or
                       Intel MCS-96 assembly source code as output.  A
                       demonstration version is available. Runs under MS-DOS.

   Inform Software Corp
   1840 Oak Street, Suite 324
   Evanston, Il. 60201 USA
   Phone:  708-866-1838

   Geschaeftsbereich Fuzzy--Technologien
   Pascalstraese 23
   W-5100 Aachen
   Tel: (02408) 6091
   Fax: (02408) 6090


   IIS specializes in offering short courses on soft computing.  They
   also perform research and development in fuzzy logic, fuzzy control,
   neural networks, adaptive fuzzy systems, and genetic algorithms.

   Intelligent Inference Systems Corp.
   P.O. Box 2908
   Sunnyvale, CA 94087
   Phone: (408) 730-8345
   Fax:   (408) 730-8550
   email: iiscorp@netcom.com
LPA, Ltd.:

   FLINT, a Fuzzy Logic INferencing Toolkit, is a versatile fuzzy logic
   inferencing system that makes fuzzy logic technology and fuzzy rules
   available within a sophisticated programming environment. FLINT
   supports standard and user-defined membership functions, linear and
   curved membership lines, automatic propagation of fuzzy values, range
   of and/or/not combinators, configurable linguistic hedges, standard
   and user-defined defuzzification algorithms. FLINT is available as a
   versatile programming toolkit for LPA Prolog running Windows 95/3.1/NT
   or Macintosh and as an extension to LPA's popular expert system
   toolkit, Flex.

   For further information contact:
   Logic Programming Associates Ltd.,      
   Studio 4, R.V.P.B., Trinity Road,       
   London, SW18 3SX, UK.

   Web: http://www.lpa.co.uk
   US Toll Free: 1-800-949-7567
   Tel: +44 181 871 2016
   Fax: +44 181 874 0449
   Email: lpa@cix.compulink.co.uk  

Metus Systems Group:

     Metus Fuzzy Library       A library of fuzzy processing routines for
                               C or C++.  Source code is available.

   The Metus Systems Group
   1 Griggs Lane
   Chappaqua, Ny. 10514 USA
   Phone: 914-238-0647


     Fuzzle 1.8        A fuzzy development shell that generates either ANSI
                       FORTRAN or C source code.

   Modico, Inc.
   P. O. Box 8485
   Knoxville, Tn. 37996 USA
   Phone: 615-531-7008

National Semiconductor, Santa Clara CA, USA

  NeuFuz is aimed at low end controls applications in automotive, 
  industrial, and appliance areas.  NeuFuz is a neural-fuzzy technology 
  which uses backpropagation techniques to initially select fuzzy rules 
  and membership functions.  Initial stages of design using NeuFuz 
  technology are performed using training data and backpropagation.  
  The result is a fuzzy associative memory (FAM) which implements an 
  approximation of the training data.  By implementing a FAM, rather 
  than a multi-layer perceptron, the designer has a solution which can 
  be understood and tuned to a particular application using Fuzzy Logic 
  design techniques.

       NeuFuz4 Learning Kit, Product ordering code (NSID): NF2-C8A-KIT
       - NeuFuz2 Neural Network Learning Software  
       - Up to 2 inputs, 1 output
       - 50 training patterns
       - Up to 3 membership functions
       - COP8 Code Generator (COP8 is National's family of 8-bit

      NeuFuz4 Software Package, Product ordering code (NSID): NF4-C8A
       - NeuFuz4 Software
       - Neural Network Learning Software - Up to 4 inputs, 1 output and
          1200 training patterns
       - Up to 7 membership functions
       - COP8 Code Generator

     The NeuFuz4 Development System, Product ordering code: (NSID): 
       - Neural Network Learning Software - Up to 4 inputs, 1 output and
         1200 training patterns
       - Up to 7 membership functions
       - COP8 Code Generator
       - COP8 In-Circuit Emulator "Debug Module"
         - Real-Time Emulation Microcontroller EPROM Programming
         - Real-Time Trace 
         - Complete Source/Symbolic Debug
      - One-Day Training on Customer Request
      - Access to Factory Expert via Telephone (Maximum 16 hrs.)

     NeuFuz4-C Learning Kit, Product ordering code (NSID): NF2-C-KIT
      - Up to 2 inputs, 1 output 50 training patterns
      - Up to 3 membership functions
      - ANSI Standard C Language Code Generator
      - Tutorial Examples for Neural Network Learning and Fuzzy Rule 

    NeuFuz4-C Software Package, Product ordering code (NSID): NF4-C
      - Up to 4 inputs, 1 output and 1200 training patterns
      - Up to 7 membership functions
      - ANSI Standard C Language Code Generator
      - One-Day Training on Customer Request
      - Access to Factory Expert via Telephone (Maximum 16 hrs.)

Oki Electric:

     MSM91U111         A single-chip 8-bit fuzzy controller.


     Oki Electric Europe GmbH.
     Hellersbergstrasse 2
     D-4040 Neuss, Germany
     Phone: 49-2131-15960
     Fax:   49-2131-103539

   Hong Kong:

     Oki Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd.
     Suite 1810-4, Tower 1
     China Hong Kong City
     33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
     Kowloon, Hong Kong
     Phone: 3-7362336
     Fax:   3-7362395


     Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
     Head Office Annex
     7-5-25 Nishishinjuku
     Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160 JAPAN
     Phone: 81-3-5386-8100
     Fax:   81-3-5386-8110


     Oki Semiconductor
     785 North Mary Avenue
     Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086 USA
     Phone: 408-720-1900
     Fax:   408-720-1918

OMRON Corporation:

     C500-FZ001        Fuzzy logic processor module for Omron C-series PLCs.
     E5AF              Fuzzy process temperature controller.
     FB-30AT           FP-3000 based PC AT fuzzy inference board.
     FP-1000           Digital fuzzy controller.
     FP-3000           Single-chip 12-bit digital fuzzy controller.
     FP-5000           Analog fuzzy controller.
     FS-10AT           PC-based software development environment for the


     Kazuaki Urasaki
     Fuzzy Technology Business Promotion Center
     OMRON Corporation
     20 Igadera, Shimokaiinji
     Nagaokakyo Shi, Kyoto 617  Japan
     Phone: 81-075-951-5117
     Fax:   81-075-952-0411

   USA Sales (all product inquiries should be directed here)

     Pat Murphy
     OMRON Electronics, Inc.
     One East Commerce Drive
     Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA
     Phone: 708-843-7900
     Fax:   708-843-7787/8568

   USA Research

     Satoru Isaka
     OMRON Advanced Systems, Inc.
     3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 410
     Santa Clara, CA 95054
     Phone: 408-727-6644
     Fax: 408-727-5540
     Email: isaka@oas.omron.com

Togai InfraLogic, Inc.:

   Togai InfraLogic (TIL for short) supplies software development tools,
   board-, chip- and core-level fuzzy hardware, and engineering services.
   Contact info@til.com for more detailed information.

     FC110     (the FC110(tm) Digital Fuzzy Processor (DFP-tm)).  An
               8-bit microprocessor/coprocessor with fuzzy acceleration.
     FC110DS   (the FC110 Development System)  A software development package
               for the FC110 DFP, including an assembler, linker and Fuzzy
               Programming Language (FPL-tm) compiler.
     FCA       VLSI Cores based on Fuzzy Computational Acceleration (FCA-tm).
     FCA10AT   FC110-based fuzzy accelerator board for PC/AT-compatibles.
     FCA10VME  FC110-based four-processor VME fuzzy accelerator.
     FCD10SA   FC110-based fuzzy processing module.
     FCD10SBFC FC110-based single board fuzzy controller module.
     FCD10SBus FC110-based two-processor SBus fuzzy accelerator.
     FCDS      (the Fuzzy-C Development System)  An FPL compiler that emits
               K&R or ANSI C source to implement the specified fuzzy system.
     MicroFPL  An FPL compiler and runtime module that support using fuzzy
               techniques on small microcontrollers by several companies.
     TILGen    A tool for automatically constructing fuzzy expert systems from
               sampled data.
     TILShell+ A graphical development and simulation environment for fuzzy


     Togai InfraLogic, Inc.
     5 Vanderbilt
     Irvine, CA 92718 USA
     Phone: 714-975-8522
     Fax: 714-975-8524
     Email: info@til.com


     T/FC150   10-bit fuzzy inference processor.
     LFZY1     FC150-based NEC PC fuzzy logic board.
     T/FT      Fuzzy system development tool.

TransferTech GmbH:

     Fuzzy Control Manager (FMC)       Fuzzy shell, runs under MS-Windows

   TransferTech GmbH
   Cyriaksring 9A
   D-38118 Braunschweig
   Tel: +49 531 890255
   Fax: +49 531 890355
   Email: info@transfertech.de
   URL: http://www.transfertech.de

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