[16] Bibliography

Date: 14-AUG-95

A list of books compiled by Josef Benedikt for the FLAI '93 (Fuzzy
Logic in Artificial Intelligence) conference's book exhibition is
available by anonymous ftp from 
as the file fuzzy-bib.text.

A short 1985 fuzzy systems tutorial by James Brule is available as
An ascii copy is also available in the gzipped tar file

Wolfgang Slany has compiled a BibTeX bibliography on fuzzy
scheduling and related fuzzy techniques, including constraint satisfaction,
linear programming, optimization, benchmarking, qualitative
modeling, decision making, petri-nets, production control,
resource allocation, planning, design, and uncertainty management. It
is available by anonymous ftp from 
as the file fuzzy-scheduling.bib.Z (or .ps.Z), or by email from
   GET LISTPROC fuzzy-scheduling.bib
in the message body.

Non-Mathematical Works:

   Kosko, Bart, "Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic", Warner, 1993
   [For technical details, see Kosko, Bart, "Fuzzy cognitive maps",
   International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 24:65-75, 1986.]

   McNeill, Daniel, and Freiberger, Paul, "Fuzzy Logic: The Discovery
   of a Revolutionary Computer Technology", Simon and Schuster,
   1992. ISBN 0-671-73843-7. [Mostly history, but many examples of

   Negoita, C.V., "Fuzzy Systems", Abacus Press, Tunbridge-Wells, 1981.

   Smithson, Michael, "Ignorance and Uncertainty: Emerging Paradigms",
   Springer-Verlag, New York, 1988.

   Brubaker, D.I., "Fuzzy-logic Basics: Intuitive Rules Replace Complex Math,"
   EDN, June 18, 1992.

   Schwartz, D.G. and Klir, G.J., "Fuzzy Logic Flowers in Japan," IEEE
   Spectrum, July 1992.
   Earl Cox, "The Fuzzy Systems Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide to
   Building, Using, and Maintaining Fuzzy Systems", Academic Press,
   Boston, MA 1994. 615 pages, ISBN 0-12-194270-8 ($49.95). [Includes
   disk with ANSI C++ source code. Very good.]

   F. Martin McNeill and Ellen Thro, "Fuzzy Logic: A practical
   approach", Academic Press, 1994. 350 pages, ISBN 0-12-485965-8 ($40).
   [A good fuzzy logic primer.]


   Dubois, Didier, and Prade, H., "Fuzzy Sets and Systems: Theory and
   Applications", Academic Press, New York, 1980.

   Dubois, Didier, and Prade, Henri, "Possibility Theory", Plenum Press, New
   York, 1988.

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   Systems", North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1986.

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   Addison-Wesley, 1986.

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   Information", Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1987. ISBN 0-13-345638-2.

   Kosko, Bart, "Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems", Prentice Hall, Englewood
   Cliffs, NJ, 1992. ISBN 0-13-611435-0. [Very good.]

   R. Kruse, J. Gebhardt, and F. Klawonn, "Foundations of Fuzzy Systems"
   John Wiley and Sons Ltd., Chichester, 1994. ISBN 0471-94243-X ($47.95).
   [Theory of fuzzy sets.]

   Toshiro Terano, Kiyoji Asai, and Michio Sugeno, "Fuzzy Systems Theory
   and its Applications", Academic Press, 1992, 268 pages.  
   ISBN 0-12-685245-6. Translation of "Fajii shisutemu nyumon"
   (Japanese, 1987). Newly released as "Applied Fuzzy Systems", 1994,
   320 pages, ISBN 0-12-685242-1 ($40).
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   and Soft Computing", Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1994. 
   ISBN 0-442-01621-2, $64.95. 

   Zimmerman, Hans J., "Fuzzy Set Theory", Kluwer, Boston, 2nd edition, 1991.


   Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, and Ronald R. Yager, editors,
   "Readings in Fuzzy Sets for Intelligent Systems", Morgan Kaufmann
   Publishers, 1993. 916 pages, ISBN 1-55860-257-7 paper ($49.95).

   "A Quarter Century of Fuzzy Systems", Special Issue of the International
   Journal of General Systems, 17(2-3), June 1990.

   R.J. Marks II, editor, "Fuzzy Logic Technology & Applications", IEEE,
   1994. IEEE Order# 94CR0101-6-PSP, $59.95 ($48.00 for IEEE members).
   Order from 1-800-678-IEEE. [Selected papers from past IEEE
   conferences. Focus is on papers concerning applications of fuzzy
   systems. There are also some overview papers.]

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