Figures and Lists of S1 and S2 Genes

CheckSum identified 564 genes as having expression profiles which deviate significantly from their average expression values using a p-value cutoff of 0.01. As discussed in the paper, we have divided these genes into two sets. The first set, S1 contained the 402 genes that were expressed at lower than expected levels. The second set, S2 contained the 162 genes expressed at higher than expected levels.
In the figure below we present the expression profiles for genes in the two sets identified by CheckSum. We have used K-means (with K=3) to cluster the continuous spline representation of each set. As described in the Results section the two sets had very different expression profiles. S1 genes were mainly down for the first half and then gradually rose to their average (unsynchronized) expression levels. S2 genes peaked early on, and then most of these genes declined drastically. The number of genes for the three S1 clusters were: 42, 227 and 133 respectfully. The number of genes for the S2 clusters were: 46, 89 and 27.
S1 genes
S2 genes