Zhiting Hu(胡志挺)

PhD student (3rd year)
Machine Learning Department (MLD)
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Advisor: Eric Xing

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  [Curriculum Vitae]

E-mail: zhitinghu (at) gmail (dot) com
Office: GHC 8208


Interests: The general area of machine learning, including large-scale ML algorithms, deep learning, machine reasoning, and their applications in natural language processing and computer vision.

Academic Experience:


[Google Scholar Profile]

  • 2017
    • Controllable Text Generation
      Zhiting Hu, Zichao Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Eric Xing
      arXiv 2017 [arXiv]
    • Improved Variational Autoencoders for Text Modeling using Dilated Convolutions
      Zichao Yang, Zhiting Hu, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
      arXiv 2017 [arXiv]
    • Nonparametric Variational Auto-encoders for Hierarchical Representation Learning
      Prasoon Goyal, Zhiting Hu, Xiaodan Liang, Chenyu Wang, Eric Xing
      arXiv 2017 [arXiv]
    • Recurrent Topic-Transition GAN for Visual Paragraph Generation
      Xiaodan Liang, Zhiting Hu, Hao Zhang, Chuang Gan, Eric Xing
      arXiv 2017 [arXiv]
    • Adversarial Connective-exploiting Networks for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
      Lianhui Qin, Zhisong Zhang, Hai Zhao, Zhiting Hu, Eric Xing
      ACL 2017 [arXiv]
    • Dropout with Expectation-Linear Regularization
      Xuezhe Ma, Yingkai Gao, Zhiting Hu, Yaoliang Yu, Yuntian Deng, Eduard Hovy
      ICLR 2017 [arXiv]
    • Neural Machine Translation with Recurrent Attention Modeling
      Zichao Yang, Zhiting Hu, Yuntian Deng, Chris Dyer, Alex Smola
      EACL 2017 [arXiv], short
  • 2016
    • Deep Neural Networks with Massive Learned Knowledge
      Zhiting Hu, Zichao Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Eric Xing
      EMNLP 2016 [paper] [supp]
    • Harnessing Deep Neural Networks with Logic Rules
      Zhiting Hu, Xuezhe Ma, Zhengzhong Liu, Eduard Hovy, Eric Xing
      ACL 2016 [arXiv (updated)] [paper] [supp] [slides] [code] (selected as one of the outstanding papers)
    • Grounding Topic Models with Knowledge Bases
      Zhiting Hu, Gang Luo, Mrinmaya Sachan, Eric Xing, Zaiqing Nie
      IJCAI 2016 [paper] [supp] [slides]
    • Stochastic Variational Deep Kernel Learning
      Zhiting Hu*, Andrew Gordon Wilson* (equal contribution), Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Eric Xing
      NIPS 2016 [arXiv]
    • Deep Kernel Learning
      Zhiting Hu*, Andrew Gordon Wilson* (equal contribution), Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Eric Xing
      AISTATS 2016 [paper]
    • Learning Scalable Deep Kernels with Recurrent Structure
      Maruan Al-Shedivat, Andrew Gordon Wilson, Yunus Saatchi, Zhiting Hu, Eric Xing
      arXiv 2016 [arXiv]
    • Learning Concept Taxonomies from Multi-modal Data
      Hao Zhang, Zhiting Hu, Yuntian Deng, Mrinmaya Sachan, Zhicheng Yan, Eric Xing
      ACL 2016 [paper], oral
    • Joint Embedding of Hierarchical Categories and Entities for Concept Categorization and Dataless Classification
      Yuezhang Li, Ronghuo Zheng, Tian Tian, Zhiting Hu, Rahul Iyer, Katia Sycara
      COLING 2016 [arXiv]
    • Discovering Interpretable Geo-Social Communities for User Behavior Prediction
      Hongzhi Yin, Zhiting Hu, Xiaofang Zhou, Hao Wang, Kai Zheng, Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen, Shazia Sadiq
      ICDE 2016 [paper]
    • Structured Knowledge Tracing Models for Student Assessment on Coursera
      Zhuo Wang, Jile Zhu, Xiang Li, Zhiting Hu, Ming Zhang
      The 3nd annual meeting of the ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (L@S 2016) [paper], short
  • 2015
    • Large-scale Distributed Dependent Nonparametric Trees
      Zhiting Hu, Qirong Ho, Avinava Dubey, Eric Xing
      ICML 2015 [paper] [supp] [slides], oral
    • Entity Hierarchy Embedding
      Zhiting Hu, Poyao Huang, Yuntian Deng, Yingkai Gao, Eric Xing
      ACL 2015 [paper] [supp] [slides], oral
    • Community Level Diffusion Extraction
      Zhiting Hu, Junjie Yao, Bin Cui, Eric Xing
      SIGMOD 2015 [paper] [slides], oral
    • Poseidon: A System Architecture for Efficient GPU-based Deep Learning on Multiple Machines
      Hao Zhang, Zhiting Hu, Jinliang Wei, Pengtao Xie, Gunhee Kim, Qirong Ho, Eric Xing
      arXiv 2015 [arXiv] [github]
  • 2014
    • User Group Oriented Temporal Dynamics Exploration
      Zhiting Hu, Junjie Yao, Bin Cui
      AAAI 2014 [paper] [slides], oral
    • A Temporal Context-Aware Mixture Model for User Behavior Modeling in Social Media Systems
      Hongzhi Yin, Bin Cui, Lin Chen, Zhiting Hu, Zi Huang
      SIGMOD 2014
    • LCARS: A Spatial Item Recommender System
      Hongzhi Yin, Bin Cui, Zhiting Hu, Yizhou Sun, Ling Chen
      ACM Transactions on Information Systems (ACM TOIS)
  • 2013
    • LCARS: A Location-Content-Aware Recommender System
      Hongzhi Yin, Yizhou Sun, Bin Cui, Zhiting Hu, Ling Chen
      KDD 2013 [paper] [slides], oral

Awards & Honors

  • GPA 1st/140, CS Department, Peking University, 2014.
  • Excellence Award of Stars of Tomorrow Internship Program, Microsoft Research Asia, 2014.
  • Google Excellence Scholarship, Google Inc., 2013.
    110 students from Computer Science or Software Engineering all over China.
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Award, China Computer Federation (CCF), 2013.
    100 undergraduates all over China.
  • Longyu-Jin Scholarship, PKU, 2013.
    ranked top-2/150 in the department.
  • Pacemaker to Merit Student, PKU, 2013.
    ranked top-4/150 in the department.
  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of P.R.China, 2012.
    ranked top-4/150 in the department.
  • Merit Student, PKU, 2012.
    ranked top-10/150 in the department.
  • Li Wenggang Scholarship, PKU, 2011.
    ranked top-10/150 in the department.
  • Model Student of Academic Records, PKU, 2011.
    ranked top-8/150 in the department.
  • First Prize in China National Biology Olympiad for Senior High School, 2009.
    18 prize-winners among all senior high school students all over China.