Z.Yin and R.Collins,"Moving Object Localization in Thermal Imagery by Forward-backward MHI," Third IEEE Workshop on Object Tracking and Classification in and Beyond the Visible Spectrum (OTCBVS'06), New York City, NY, June 2006. [PDF]


Detecting moving objects automatically is a key component of an automatic visual surveillance and tracking system. In airborne thermal video the moving objects may be small, color information is not available, and intensity appearance may be camouflaged. Previous motion-based moving object detection approaches often use background subtraction, inter-frame difference or three-frame difference. In this paper, we describe a detection and localization method based on forwardbackward motion history images (MHI). This method can accurately detect location and shape of moving objects for initializing a tracker. We quantify the effectiveness of this method using long and varied video sequences.

Some sample detection results: