Speech and Natural Language Processing

Internet Resources

Resources on Statistical NLP/corpus-based computational linguistics
Speech and Language Web Resources
Natural Language Software Registry
Remote file crlftp.nmsu.edu/pub/non-lexical/NL_Software_Registry
Directory of /pub/wordnet
Teaching materials for statistical NLP
Resources on Statistical NLP/corpus-based computational linguistics
Roots Surname List Name Finder
Roots Location List Name Finder
Name Lists

On-Line Proceedings

On-Line Proceedings of ACL-95
On-Line Proceedings of ACL-94
On-Line Proceedings of EACL-95
On-Line Proceedings of COLING-94

Institutions and Projects

The XTAG Project
Association for Computational Linguistics
Karlsruhe NNSpeech
NMSU Computing Research Lab Home Page
Center for Cognitive Science, Edinburgh (WWW server)
University of Rochester Computer Science Dept. (WWW server)
Linguistics gopher at Rice University
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information
Parlevink Linguistic Engineering Project
CPET - Center for Projects in Electonic Text at Georgetown. (Gopher server)
OTA - The Oxford Text Archive. (FTP server)
COLIBRI: Newsletter for language, speech, logic, and information (WWW server)
ICAME:International Computer Archive of Modern English (WWW server)
ISSCO:University of Geneva (WWW server)
Linguist List Archive (Gopher server)
U.S. Government Language and Literature Page (Gopher server)
ITK site: conferences, research reports and papers, project information (WWW server)