william yang wang

Press, Media, and Invited Articles

* Can a Computer Make a Meme?, Mental Floss, Sept. 22, 2015, PDF LINK

* The Theory of "Technological Singularity": A Scientific Theory of Artificial Intelligence? Or Junk Science?, Communications of the China Computer Federation, June 2015, (in Chinese) PDF

* Proof: the Science of Booze, Adams Roger, June, 2014. Google Book Amazon

* Big Data and Machine Learning: a Retrospective of ICML 2013, Programmer Magazine, Sept., 2013. (in Chinese) PDF(COPY)

* Acquiring Corpora using Crowdsourcing, Matt Marge, IEEE SLTC Newsletter, May, 2013. LINK PDF(COPY)

* Detecting Intoxication in Speech, Matt Marge, IEEE SLTC Newsletter, October, 2011. LINK PDF(COPY)