Papers and Presentations


Information Retrieval

Y. Qu, H. Jin, and D. A. Evans, An Interactive Chinese to English Retrieval System, (abs). In Proceedings of 2000 International Conference on Chinese Language Computing (ICCLC 2000) , Chicago, July 2000.

Y. Qu, A. N. Eilerman, H. Jin, and D. A. Evans, The Effect of Pseudo Relevance Feedback on MT-Based CLIR, (abs). In Proceedings of Content-Based Multimedia Information Access: Recherche d'Informations Assistee par Ordinateur (RIAO 2000) , Paris, April 2000.

Y. Qu, H. Jin, A. N. Eilerman, E. Stoica, and D. A. Evans, CLARITECH TREC-8 CLIR Experiments, (abs). In Proceedings of TREC-8, 2000. A longer version of the paper is Notes on Experiments with Pseudo Relevance Feedback and Data Merging in Cross-Language Retrieval, In TREC-8 Notebook Proceedings, November 1999.

Cooperative Human-Computer Interaction

Y. Qu. A Constraint-Based Model for Cooperative Response Generation. Ph.D. Dissertation, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, in preparation.

Y. Qu and S. Beale. Cooperative Resolution of Over-Constrained Information Requests. In Constraint Journal Special Issue on Constraint-Based Agents, to appear.

Y. Qu and S. Beale A Constraint-Based Model for Cooperative Response Generation in Information Dialogues, (abs). Copyright AAAI. In Proceedings of AAAI-99, Orlando, FL, July 1999.

Y. Qu, Planning Transition Relevance Points in Speech-Based Information Systems , (abs), Copyright AAAI. In Technical Notes of AAAI Spring Symposium on Computational Models for Mixed Initiative Interaction, Stanford, CA, March 1997.

Yan Qu, Constraint-based model for collaborative dialogues. Presented at the Visualization and Intelligent Interfaces Group Seminar Series, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, February, 1998.

Dialogue Processing

Y. Qu, B. Di Eugenio, A. Lavie, L. Levin, and C. P. Rose', Minimizing Cumulative Error in Discourse Context (abs), In the Springer Series:LNAI-Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 1997. Also in Proceedings of ECAI workshop on Spoken Dialogue Processing, Budapest, Hungary, 1996.

Y. Qu, C. P. Rose', and B. Di Eugenio, Using Discourse Predictions for ambiguity Resolution (abs), in Proceedings of COLING, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1996.

A. Lavie, L. Levin, Y. Qu, A. Waibel, D. Gates, M. Gavalda', L. Mayfield, and M. Taboada, Dialogue Processing in a Conversational Speech Translation System (abs). In Proceedings of ICSLP, 1996.

C. P. Rose' and Y. Qu, Automatically Learning to Use Discourse Information for Disambiguation (abs), LTI Tech Report, 1996.

L. Levin, O. Glickman, Y. Qu, D. Gates, A. Lavie, C. P. Rose', C. Van Ess-Dykema, A. Waibel, Using Context in Machine Translation of Spoken Language (abs). In Proceedings of the Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation Conference, 1995.

Y. Qu and C. P. Rose. Discourse processing in Enthusiast. Presented at Discourse Processing Seminar Series, Language Technology Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, February 1997.

Yan Qu. A Computational Approach for Automatically Extracting Discourse Rules (abs), presented at Georgetown Developments in Discourse Analysis, Washington D. C., 1995.

Typed Feature-Structure Grammars

Y. Qu, An Abstract Machine for Typed Feature Structure Grammars, Carnegie Mellon University Technical Report number CMU-LCL-96-3, 1996. It is a revised version of my master thesis.

Bob Carpenter and Yan Qu, An Abstract Machine for Attribute Value Logics (abs). In Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Parsing Technologies (IWPT), 1995.

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