Robotic Systems for

Rehabilitation, Exoskeleton, and Prosthetics


Workshop for Robotics: Science and Systems,

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

August 18, 2006 1:30pm – 6:00pm



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Due to advances in modern medicine, the elderly population is growing worldwide.  Along with this growth, there is a growing need for physical rehabilitation and assistance.  Given the magnitude of this problem and its societal ramifications, the time is ripe to explore the extent to which robotic devices can be used as a means of rehabilitation and assistance to improve the quality of life for the physically disabled.  In the last decade, robotic systems for rehabilitation, exoskeleton, and prosthetics have made significant advances.  However, challenges lie ahead in their safety, size/weight, ease of use/don/control, and conformation to the societal norm. 


In this discussion-oriented workshop, we invite leaders in this field to debate the great challenges of physical human-robot interactions for rehabilitation and assistance.  Specifically, we discuss the advantages/disadvantages of the currently available systems, safety mechanisms required for physical human-robot interaction, what must be developed/discovered in the next 10 and 30 years, and what features are crucial for improving the quality of life for the physically disabled.


Thank you for the great abstract submissions.  All submitted abstracts were excellent work in the field of rehabilitation and assistive robotics.  The acceptance rate was approximately 50% and these accepted abstracts are showcased as posters during the workshop.  



·        June 16, 2006: Abstracts due

·        June 30, 2006: Acceptance notification

·        August 16-18, 2006: RSS Conference

·        August 18 1:30pm – 6pm WORKSHOP






1:30 – 1:50

Welcome, Overview, Grand Challenge Focus

By: Yoky Matsuoka and Bill Townsend

1:50 – 2:10

Invited Speaker: Hami Kazerooni, UC Berkeley

Title: The Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Project  

2:10 – 2:30

Invited Speaker: Igo Krebs, MIT

Title: Robotics in Rehabilitation: A Novel Solutions?

2:30 – 2:50

Invited Speaker: Richard Weir, Northwestern University

Title: The Next Generation of Prosthetic Arm Systems: Hope or Hubris

2:50 – 3:10

Invited Speaker: Kazuhiro Kosuge

Title: A Passive Robotics Approach for Assistive Systems

3:10 – 4:10

Poster Session

Coffee and Snacks (Theme: Taste of Philadelphia) served at 3:30pm

4:10 – 4:30

Invited Speaker: Sunil Agrawal, Univ. of Delaware

Title: Active Orthoses for Gait Training of Stroke Subjects

4:30 – 4:50

Invited Speaker: Michael Goldfarb, Vanderbilt University

Title: Design of a Gas-Actuated Anthropomorphic Upper Extremity Prosthesis

4:50 – 5:10

Invited Speaker: Maria Chiara Carrozza, SSSA

Title: Hybrid Bionic Systems (HBSs) for Functional Support and Replacement of Human Upper Limb

5:10 – 5:55

Grand Challenge Discussion

Panelists: Daofen Chen (NIH), speakers and organizers

5:55 – 6:00

Wrap up





























We invite you to submit an extended abstract for this workshop.  The topic should follow the goal of this workshop outlined in the overview above.  The abstract is limited to 2 pages maximum including figures.  No specific formats are enforced but make sure it is easy to read (accepted abstracts will be included in the proceedings in the way you format --- recommend 10 – 12 pt fonts and including 1 – 2 figures).  Please submit the abstract by June 16, 2005 as a PDF file to   Your abstract will be peer-reviewed and the decision will be notified in two weeks.  The accepted abstracts will be presented during the poster session. 



Easels that can accommodate 4ft x 3ft posters will be available.  While the main conference webpage says that you need to mount on foam core or   laminate the posters, the organizers will prepare foam core   so that it could be mounted on the easel with thumbtacks.  
In addition, the poster presenters have additional opportunity to present the poster on 8/19 Saturday along with other workshop poster presenters.  



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Brian Dellon
Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
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“Socially Assistive Robotics” by Adriana Tapus and Maja Mataric, August 19, 2006.  Related grand challenge topics will be discussed.