I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, speci cally some of the problems I find interesting are scene understanding, object detection, algorithms for making sense of large personal image data bases, and Computer Vision for the aid of the visually impaired. For my M.Sc research I explored the use of statistical state estmation techniques for object tracking and foreground layer extraction.

I'm co advised by Yaser Sheikh and Takeo Kanade

In March 2009 I honeymooned in New Zealand which got me thinking about my next adventure - building a bridge between the two peaks of Mt. kilimanjaro :)

I Have the world's smartest cat, and the world's best wife :-)

Contact info:

  • Email: yair [at] cs.cmu.edu
  • Address: Carnegie Mellon,
    School Of Computer Science,
    5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA,
    15213 USA.
  • Phone number: +1-412-268-3066
  • Office: Gates Hillman Center 7513.