My god daughter Connie 

Life in China: I was born in Chengdu, a beautiful city in southwest China. At the age of 18, I left my hometown and went to Beijing.

When I was a little girl

My mum's 40 Birthday

My classmates in Shenpingjie Primary School(1988)

The whole family of 94-1 at Yulin High School before our graduation, and also before the National College Entrance Exams. Seems not everyone can smile while preparing the exams.

Our graduation party in front of the water fall at Yingchanggou near Chengdu. Another small group far away from us on the right side of the picture are also our classmates :)

A wonderful winter trip when I revisit my old friends in my hometown, especially with such a COOL snowboy!

The whole family of J4 Computer Science Department at Tsinghua University.

When my friend Li Chenxin visit me in Beijing

USA: I left China and went to Pittsburgh for graduate education at the age of 23.

The first Middle Autumn Moon Festeval in USA with new friends(now old friends) in Pittsburgh is pretty nice.(1999)

In Mario State Park with a lot of new comers in CMU. Other people are here

Qin got married with Shimin in the winter of 2001.

With Xiaolei in the beautiful Campus of Princeton

California: where Wei is, and where my home is

The sun set of a Pacific, a small village near Pacific Ocean.

Lake Tahoe is not far from my home in California

New Orlean: SIGIR 2001

My first time to see a crocodile swim freely in a swarm.

New York: First time to see BIG APPLE

The birds enjoy the bread more than I do

Hawaii: My honeymoon in Hawaii. More photos are in Wei's page

We were living in a vacation house named Coconut Landing. It's a cottage surrounded by a tropic garden.

When the live vocano meets the sea

Oversee the live vocano from the helicopter

In the hawaii beach with Wei

Sydney, Australia: Trip to Australia is enjoyable. Sydney is a visitor friendly city.

The famous Sydney Opera House

I prefer to feeding Kagaroos instead of Ostrich in Sydney. Unfortunately, the following day in a banquet, the food they are serving is KANGAROO MEAT! :(

Yes, it is a real Koala! Too cute to be real, right? :)

Tampre, Finland: SIGIR 2002

Tampere is a small city in Finland with a feeling of a town.

Paris, France: A city of romance, a city of art, a city of history, and a city of imaginations, Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Muse du Louvre is one of the greatest art in the world.

Experience the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci from Mona Lisa's Smile.

Canada: I visited Canada twice in the past two years. The first time I drived to Toronto with Wei, and the second time I took a flight and landed in Vancouver. The feeling is different.

Niagara Fall is not as big as me :)