Invited Talks & Presentations

  • 2019.11.7 Oral presentation at IROS 2019, Macau, China, Criteria for Maintaining Desired Contacts for Quasi-Static Systems Link to slides
  • 2019.10.30 Invited talk at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, Force Control for Robust Contact-Rich Manipulation
  • 2019.8 Invited talks at Institute of Advanced Technology and UBTech Inc., Shenzhen, China, Dexterous Manipulation Using Simple Robot Hands
  • 2019.6.17 Invited talk at MCube Lab, MIT, Cambridge, United States, Robust Execution of Fine Motion Plans
  • 2019.5.22 Poster presentation at ICRA 2019, Montreal, Canada, Robust Execution of Contact-Rich Motion Plans by Hybrid Force-velocity Control
  • 2019.5.7 Invited talk at ABB Research, Hartford, United States, Dexterous Manipulation via Simple Robot Hands
  • 2019.4.24 Contributed talk at CMU RI Manipulation Discussion Group, Pittsburgh, United States, Robust Execution of Fine Motion Plans
  • 2019.1 Invited talks at SUSTech and Dorabot, Inc., Shenzhen, China, Dexterous Manipulation via Simple Robot Hands
  • 2018.8.24 Intern presentation at Toyota Research Institute, Cambridge, United States, Pushing it! Useful Pushing Primitives for Grasp Generation in Constrained Environments
  • 2018.6.23 Contributed talk at MCube-MLab Workshop, Pittsburgh, United States, Road to Dexterous Reorienting
  • 2018.5.26 Poster presentation at ICRA 2018, Brisbane, Australia, Fast Planning for 3D Any-Pose-Reorienting using Pivoting
  • 2017.6.15 UBTech Beijing Research Institute, Beijing, China, Overview of My Work on Non-prehensile Manipulation
  • 2016.12.19 Oral presentation at 12th WAFR, San Francisco, United States, Planar Dynamic Pivoting by Regulating Inertial and Grip Forces
  • 2014.12.5 Poster presentation at Robio 2014, Bali, Indonesia, Follow my step: A framework for biped robots to imitate human walking