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Matlab source codes :


You can download a Matlab implementation, including a README file from here



Besides the parameters, the code needs two input files:


1)     .active files,

The .active files are files recording which genes are active in each dataset. The format is:








Each line is a number corresponding to a gene ID which is active. If you don't have this domain knowledge in your experiment, you can just put all your entire gene's numbers in these files from 1 to n, again each in one line.



2)     .c1 files

The .c1 file is the gene expression levels for each dataset. Each line corresponds to a gene, and each column corresponds to a time point. Note that we use splines to interpolate the original expression level to get uniformly distributed time points, as required by our method. These .c1 files are after the spline interpolation.

Here we provide the aligned original data files which you can convert into the c1 files by interpolation.