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Yandong Liu
Language Technologies Institute , School of Computer Science , Carnegie Mellon University
Office: GHC 5418 Email: yandongl (letter L) at cs.cmu.edu
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About me

I graduated from CMU in 2011. My social profiles: Linkedin Yahoo Labs Github .


I am interested in data mining, machine learning, and information retrieval, particularly their application in building real systems that are potentially useful to end users.

My publications by myself or by google or by dblp.

At CMU I worked with prof. Daniel Neill on text analysis and pattern detection in Event and Pattern Detection Lab and Auton Lab.

Machine Learning Tools

Logistic Regression and Decision Tree in Javascript


10701 Machine Learning
15750 Graduate Algorithms
10708 Probablistic Graphical Model

Notes on machine learning:

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2014 Faculty Research and Engagement Award. Yahoo Labs
2011 SIGCHI Best Paper Award
2009 Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award

Work Experience

2013: Yahoo! Labs
2011 Summer: Yahoo! Research / Computational Advertising
2009 Summer: Microsoft Research / Real-Time Question Answering


My Reading List

vim emacs perl unix shell linux latex postgres java javascript mac fun python ml&stats text c make objc awk
shuttle scs calendar clock food cam food cmu fellowship
Java Applet: vncviewer mindterm


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