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Yandong Liu
School of Computer Science , Carnegie Mellon University
Office: GHC 5418 Email: yandongl (letter L) at cs.cmu.edu
I am on job market!

About me

I am a Ph.D student on leave since 2011. My social profiles: Linkedin Github .


I am interested in data mining, machine learning, and information retrieval, particularly their application in building real systems that are potentially useful to end users.

I work with prof. Daniel Neill on text analysis and pattern detection in Event and Pattern Detection Lab and Auton Lab.

Fun: Logistic Regression and Decision Tree in Javascript

Links: Machine Learning Tools Java Code Search GNU/C etc. Code Search


From Myself, Google, and DBLP.


10701 Machine Learning
15750 Graduate Algorithms
10708 Probablistic Graphical Model

Notes on machine learning:


2014 Faculty Research and Engagement Award. Yahoo Labs
2011 SIGCHI Best Paper Award
2009 Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Award

Work Experience

2013: Yahoo! Labs
2011 Summer: Yahoo! Research / Computational Advertising
2009 Summer: Microsoft Research / Real-Time Question Answering


My Reading List

vim emacs perl unix shell linux latex postgres java javascript mac fun python ml&stats text c make objc awk
shuttle scs calendar clock food cam food cmu fellowship
Java Applet: vncviewer mindterm


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