For relational datasets, each dataset contains THREE files: a data file, a link file, and a relational template.

The format of the data file is one example per line, and the format for a line is:

<example_id> type subpopid label feature1 feature2 ...

The format of the link file is:

<ID of starting example> <ID of to example> <link type>  

The format of the relational template file is:

<Operation> < link type>  


Hereí»s an example dataset.



In minorthird, thereí»s a test case for stacked graphical learning. You can refer to the webpage here to find out how to install minorthird. After installing minorthird, go to  minorthird/demos/:
               Loads a relational dataset; trains and tests a stacked graphical model based on an MaxEnt learner on the given data.
After compiling, use the following command to run the test case
java NumericDemo_SGM SGMSample/all.localmodel SGMSample/ngb.lsf SGMSample/relTemp.txt