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About Us

  • Women@SCS Background
  • "Women@SCS Action Plan" by Carol Frieze and Lenore Blum
  • "Transforming the Culture of Computing at Carnegie Mellon" by Lenore Blum
  • "Women in Computer Science: The Carnegie Mellon Experience" by Lenore Blum
  • Download the Women@SCS Flyer (*.PSD Format)
  • Women@SCS Background

    The Women@SCS Advisory Committee consists of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty within the School of Computer Science. The Committee was created in 1999 with the hope of establishing strong communication lines among the growing CS community of women at Carnegie Mellon. It gives younger women an opportunity to learn more about the possibilities in their future and explore the true breadth and scope that the field encompasses. Regular members are encouraged to share their wisdom and experiences. All four years of the undergraduate level are represented, and most graduate branches within the School have at least one member. The diversity of the group fuels discussion, yet the common elements bring members to a level upon which all can relate.

    Members of the Committee have initiated many programs, such as the Big/Little Sister program for undergraduates, the invited Speaker Series for graduates, as well as dinners and other social and academic events. Women@SCS also sponsors outreach projects such as "Is there a robot in your future?" workshop for middle school girls. In general, the committee strives to promote a healthy and supportive community atmosphere. Making a difference and solving problems serve as the basic motivating purposes of the organization.

    The undergraduate members meet on a weekly basis, the graduates meet every other week, and a lively joint meeting is held once a month. During meetings, current issues are discussed and potential future events are planned.  Faculty members look to the committee for input regarding the curriculum and as a good source for information and ideas. New members are always welcome. Feel free to contact us about an issue of particular interest, a question, or any suggestions, particularly regarding our expanding website.

    Women@SCS aspires to revolutionize the way women are viewed in technological fields. We work to enhance the lives of those in computer science everywhere. Our website exists to provide a useful resource for all interested people, both on campus and worldwide. The committee appreciates the hard work being done by its members on our behalf and hopes to lead the way to a bright future.

    Please take a look at our website and give us your input! We appreciate your comments and concerns.


    Questions or Comments? Email us at women@scs.cmu.edu.
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