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Educational Links

Robotics Education at CMU
Robot Information Central
Mobile Robotics
MIT Cricket Robot
CMU Robotics Insitute Projects

Robots in Action
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Robo Dog Movies (you'll need to use Quicktime for this, but it's worth it!)
Humanoid Robot Movies (be sure to check out the RoboCup movie!!!)
Motion Planning Demos
Snake Robot Movies
Sumo Wrestling Bots
Assorted Robot Demos

Robots in Movies

Famous Movie Robots


Colorado School of Mines
Union College Robot Camp (Albany) -- last year the deadline for signing up was June 11
St. George's Summer Day Camps (Vancouver) -- CAMP OFFICE PHONE: (604) 221-3601
Camp Robot Zoo (Richmond) -- registration deadline: Friday, March 22 2002
Girl Scouts of Lakota Lakota Camp (Iowa) -- look for Robotix
FIRST Discoveries, Summer Science Day Camps -- check in April
Chabot Space and Science (Oakland, CA) -- look for last year's Robotics 101 - Call (510) 336-7395
Kid's Computer Camps at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (Johnstown, New York)
RoboCup Camps (Europe: Germany)
GirlStart Robolab Camp (Austin, TX)

Or you could try to convince your school to hold a robotics camp right here!


Penn State Abington Robot Workshops (Philadelphia)
School of Microelectronic Engineering Griffith University -- Nathan Campus, Brisbane, QLD
Acroname One-Day Robot Workshops (Boulder, Colorado)
Headwaters Science Center -- Bemidji, MN, by the Mississipi River
Tech Museum of Innovation -- in San Jose, California

Or you could try to convince your school to hold a robotics workshop right here!

Building Your Own Robot

Bug Bots
Building your first robot
Build-A-Bot Techlab

Purchasing a Robot Kit

Robot Store
Robot Books
Build Your Own Robot Kit

Misc. Robot Info

CubeSolver -- A Lego Mindstorms robot to manipulate and solve a Rubik's Cube.

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