william c martin

Let's make something!

I'm always interested in working on exciting projects. Here are a few of mine.

The Bionic Platypus: A Pectoral Rowing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
This project attempted to design and build an autonomous underwater vehicle based on the unique swimming mechanism of the noble platypus. The pectoral stroke of this bizarre mammal allows it to efficiently manuever through swift streams and rivers in Australia. I was interested in how this skill could be applied to a robot.
Developed Film
I worked on this project with Alex Bullard and Joe Redmon over the course of a few weeks. It attempts to automatically generate movie plots based on natural language generation algorithms. Our initial data was from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), which has thousands of movie plot summaries.
Implementation of Motion Simulation Software and Electronics for Use in Robotic Testbed
I worked on this at JPL over the 2011 summer. It involves simulating the motion of a large robotic vehicle in a low gravity environment.
Of The Wild( ) : A Robotic Wolf Pack
This project focused on applying wolf pack dynamics to swarm robotics.
Computer Vision Projects
Here are a few of the projects I did for my computer vision course. Topics include face recognition, structure from motion, hough transforms, and SIFT image stitching. Excuse the overload of colors, I was having fun with the page designs.
Autonomous robot obstacle avoidance using a fuzzy logic control scheme
This was a project for my artificial intelligence class. I wish I had had more time to work on it but my classes were pretty intense that semester. Anyhow, it was an attempt to implement fuzzy logic obstacle avoidance on a toy tank I pulled apart.
Bionic Penguin Game
I made this game in java using the JIG engine as a final project for my data structures class (sophomore year). There's a readme in the archive that will tell how to run/play the game if you like. It was fun to make :D
Midd Book Search
A simple website designed to let Middlebury College students buy/sell textbooks. I originally just made the site for some practice in PHP but it seemed useful so I put it online.
A Portable and Cost-Effective Immunoassay Based Diagnostic Tool with Electrical Sensing
I did this project over the 2008 summer at Harvard SEAS in the Westervelt research group. The research dealt with developing a low-cost, portable immunoassay for detecting infectious diseases with capacitive sensing. It was a good summer.
Liquid Gallium-Indium-Tin Eutectic Coolant Within a Magnetohydrodynamic Heat Transfer Pump
This was my (high school) senior year science fair project. The project is an attempt of mine to cool CPUs with liquid metal. It's a little embarrassing since I didn't know that much about the physics at the time but it got me to ISEF and this.

last updated August 20, 2012