Carnegie Mellon University
The Thugs of Wean Hall 5130


Vandergrift, PA (Seed Sowers)
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Akron, Ohio (Colin's Graduation)
Me and Colin
Crouching Cunningham, Hidden Dalfino
Scott attempting to jump over Dave


Mckeesport and Ligonier, Pennsylvania (Ropes Course Retreat)
Group picture
Colin's backflip
The view from the top of the rock climb
Noah just before he squirted me with his water gun
Toronto, Ontario
Stuck on the highway with Pete, Melly, Beth, Joel, and Deb
Mansfield, Ohio
Outside the hall with Caleb, Rachel, Jessica, Jeff, and me


Salem, Oregon
The Howards
The Spiral Staircase
Detriot, MI
Noan and Silas in the Dalfino's basement
Longport, New Jersey (2nd trip)
The whole gang
Midland Park, New Jersey
Dinner at the Huan's
With the kids
New York City
Times Square
The other side of Times Square
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick
Dinner before tent meetings
Me with Laura and Colin
The big bear at the Magnetic Hill
Longport, New Jersey
The Gospel Hall Home
The whole gang
Mckeesport, PA
A Mikey and Robbie Dogpile

Cool Photos

Oregon Coast
Lobsters courtesy of the Procopios
Times Square at night
Stuart the Rabbit (Thanks to Debbie Swauger for the picture)