One day, I was really bored and I decided to learn how to do the 3 ball cascade. I'm currently working on juggling 5 balls. My juggling resume includes:

Juggling Links


Probably the only sport I'm reasonably good at is hockey, the kind where you're on your feet and not on skates (eg. floor hockey, ball hockey). I'm currently learning how to be a goalie in ice hockey with the Hockey Night in Delmont gang. I also play on the CSD intramural minors team called the Stonecutters. We tend to do well in the regular season but in the last two years we haven't had much success getting by the first round of the playoffs.

The Vancouver Canucks are a rising powerhouse in the West.

Pittsburgh also has a hockey team called the Penguins. They are kinda bankrupt.

List of hockey links:


I love learning languages and I'll probably end up taking some language courses during my stay at CMU. Ideally, I'd take up a new language every year but I have a problem where I'll keep mixing up words from different languages. I also need to refresh my memory on the languages that I have learned. These are languages/dialects that I've taken or that I know:

These are languages on my to learn list.


After eating Ramen noodles for the first few years, I got sick of 'em and decided to experiment with all kinds of recipes. I also come from a family that is obsessed with food so if I need any tips, there are lots of people to help. Below are some websites that have good recipes.