Christmas, 2002!

My family pesters me to know what I want for christmas. This year I finally found an answer:
Here's what I'm asking for: a picture that is interesting to you and that you think will be interesting to me and my web site viewers (if any:-). BUT, the selected picture should not be of you, your family, your own animals, your place of work, or your occupation. (I'd be delighted to get ineligible pictures, too, if you want to send them.)
I was surprised at how many wonderful pictures I got. Some (including me) bent the rules a bit and there are more family pictures here than not. But there's still some interesting stuff.

You can click on some pictures to get the original.


Who me? Red-eyes?

Robert has 
an idea
The view East from Seattle

Will you dance?

Its all downhill from here
Proud papa
The tree has issues

Early wheels
Rust city
Sunset in Schenley park


1943 - Richmond Hill New York
At the Improv: Discipline with a ruler


Three men on a chilly beach
Cecil, how you've changed!

Five foot two, eyes of blue

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