6875 Reynolds St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Web:  www.cs.cmu.edu/~wjh
Home:   (412) 661-5666
  Cell:   (412) 708-6998
Solve problems by exercising my skills in analytic thought, systems development, and visual communication.
I enjoy both building systems and explaining them to other. I am
  • adept at most programming languages
  • skilled with editors for text, programs, images, web pages, and more
  • quick to learn new systems
  • current in --C, --C++, --Java, the Java --API's, --HTML, --PowerPoint, --Excel, --MSWord, and --Unix.
  • facile at converting technical descriptions into real English
For examples, see my Design Portfolio

Red Team Racing is building a robot to win the GrandChallenge race of 250 miles in 10 hours off-road through the desert, without human guidance. I have worked on many facets of the software including the build environment and route planning. My route planner produced a 2-D map by integrating data on elevations, roads, pre-traced routes, traversal costs, and the required course. We had two hours to plan the route. Withextensive optimization, my planner produced a draft route in four minutes. This was then manually edited to generated what Red Whittaker proclaimed to be "the perfect route."

At the Software Engineering Institute my group concentrated on incorporating commercial software into large systems. I myself
  • consulted for a half dozen clients, identifying troublespots and recommending solutions
  • built a construction/deployment environment for software development using a half dozen commercial products
  • wrote tutorials on evaluation of software and XML
  • wrote a number of case studies
  • managed a workshop
  • created several web-sites
  • presented two papers at the Tcl/Tk conference.
Earlier, as Director of the Andrew Consortium at Carnegie Mellon, and later as President of Andrew Consortium, Inc., I managed the enhancement and maintenance of the Andrew User Interface System. At the time, it was the premier compound document system for X and UNIX. For it, I
  • raised funds
  • interfaced with customers
  • negotiated devlopment priorities
  • oversaw development
  • directed the staff
Prior to forming the Consortium, I
  • led the early design team for the Andrew user interface software
  • wrote the style editor and raster object.
  • designed and implemented Ness, the first embedded programming language intended for non-programmers.
At the Information Technology Center and in earlier positions I
  • designed and developed innovative interactive software tools
  • developed operating systems
  • taught over fifteen hundred students at all levels
  • co-authored a text on data structures
  • co-wrote an international standard for representation of ALGOL-68 programs

In Pittsburgh, except as noted. More details are in Reflections on My Personal Computing.
Red Team Racing, Visiting Scholar
Created the system build environment. Assisted in all aspects of software development, including automated route planning with D*. (2003-)
Software Engineering Institute, Sr. MTS, COTS-Based Systems
Developed, explored, and elaborated techniques for building and adapting systems based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software. Assisted organizations in managing projects based on COTS. (1998-2003)
Andrew Consortium, Inc, President
Maintained and distributed the Andrew User Interface System. (1997-1998)
Integrity Arts, Consultant, Testing
Wrote tests and test tools for a Java-based embedded system targeted to a microprocessor. (1997, San Mateo CA)
Carnegie-Mellon University, Director, Andrew Consortium
Arrange funding. Conduct marketing. Manage the group responsible for enhancing, maintaining, and porting the Andrew User Interface System. (1991-1997)
Carnegie-Mellon University, System Designer, Information Technology Center
Designed and implemented the following: Ness--a programming environment for embedding within documents and applications; a raster image object; a text styles editor; popup menus; scroll-bar; and directory browser. Maintained the predecessor word processor and windowing system. (1983-1991)
Perq Systems Corporation, Software Engineer
Development of operating system and text editor for the first commercially available advanced bit-mapped workstation. (1981-1983)
Northern Telecom Systems, Project Leader, Software Development
Developed and presented a training course. Managed a software maintenance effort. (1978-1979, Ann Arbor MI)
Universities of British Columbia, Illinois, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Glasgow
Assistant or Associate Professor of Computer Science. Programming languages, language design, interactive systems, storage management, and data structures. (1971-1987)
PhD, Computer Science, Stanford University (1971)
MS, Computer Science, Stanford University (1968)
BA, Mathematics, Ohio Wesleyan University (1963)
Additional Information
Design Portfolio
Illustrated bio
Life Member: American Go Association

References are available on request.