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Wei Zhang

Email: weizh at cmu dot edu

Office: 5516 Gates and Hillman Building


Welcome to my Homepage!

I am a Graduate student of Language Technology Institute in School of Computer Science. My research interest is machine learning and natural language processing.

Recently, I spent quite sometime working on named entity recognition and disambiguation on English and Spanish tweets. It was exciting! But challenging too.

Before comming to CMU, I worked on information retrieval, information extraction, recommender systems, and word sense disambiguation. Tnanks to my work on WSD, I became a member of ACL SIGLEX.

I am now working with Dr. Judith Gelernter on Geo-graphical information retrieval and mining, and a lot of machine learningy stuff involved.
I am always looking for opportunities where ML can help improve GIR.

something I know

-C++,Java, Python, matlab 

-Fluent English, a little bit of Russia



I am a huge music fan! I was raised in the northeastern China, so heavy snow in Pittsburgh is perfectly fine with me! After graduation from HIT, I moved to Beijing, and lived there for 5 years until I came to Pittsburgh. I love making new friends, cooking, and playing piano.

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