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ARM Linux on the Intel Assabet Development Board

John G Dorsey

Technical Report
ICES #0x-yy-00

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


This report describes the contributions of the Wearable Group at Carnegie Mellon University to the ARM architecture port of the Linux kernel. Several fundamental ARM Linux concepts are presented in overview, including kernel loading and initialization. A number of feature introductions are detailed which chronicle the history of Linux on the Intel SA-1110 Development Board, Assabet, as well as the SA-1111 Microprocessor Companion Chip Development Board, Neponset. Covered work includes the topics of memory configuration, serial I/O, the SA-1111, and PCMCIA support. The appendices describe the organization of the ARM Linux patch system, and catalog the patches released by the Wearable Group which support Assabet.


This work was funded by National Science Foundation contract EIA-9901321-NSF, DARPA contract N660019928918-N306A, and Intel Corporation.

ICES TR 0x-yy-00, © 2000 John G Dorsey