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Here is a list of web sites where you can experience Social Media.
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Trend Analysis

  • BlogPulse - Search trends in "Trend Search" or see what's buzz in "Featured Trends"
  • Google Trends - More features available than BlogPulse. When you search in CMU , you will see Thailand is ranked highest in region and Mount Pleasant, MI, USA is ranked highest in cities; CMU can stand for Chiang Mai University and Central Michigan University :-).
  • Community Buzz - Tool for sharing knowledge on Microsoft products. See also here.
  • The BuzzMonitor - Downloadable software by World Bank.


  • Sucks/rocks - Compare competitive items in ratio of positive/negative sentiments


  • Opinmind - Find opinions on a given topic.
  • Epinions - Browse reviews on a product with a 5-scale rank. A data collected from this website is often used in research experiment.

Social Networking Services

There's a lot of SNS. Also see List of social networking websites in wikipedia

Popular SNS

Interesting SNS


  • Clusty - web search + clustering
  • Grokker - Meta web search + clustering


  • Election Prediction Project - Predict the result of elections through analysis of factual information and punditry specific to the electoral districts
  • Political Trends - Trend analysis of politics in Blogosphere. You can browse positive/negative/neutral ratio on foreign policies, politicians etc.

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