A Lattice-based MRF Model for Dynamic Near-regular Texture

Tracking and Manipulation


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Texton Detection Results






Tracking Dynamic NRTs without Occlusion   

Slowly waving cloth



Underwater texture tracking and replacement

(A texture placed under a water tank was seen through disturbed water)

Playing at normal speed, 30 fps

Playing 10 times slower, 3 fps


Playing at normal speed, 30 fps

Playing 4 times slower, 7.5fps



Tracking Dynamic NRTs with Occlusion


            Crowd motion

(Special thanks to Yu and Wu for running their algorithm on this video)


            Fabric texture

(Special thanks to Guskov for providing the input video)

top-left: visibility map of aligned textons

results with visibility map



Validation and Comparison

Different neighborhood systems


Multiple texton templates vs. PCA texton template

The tracking result using multiple texton templates is better (see frames 16, 68, 88)


Different initial texton positions




Video Editing Applications


            Texture replacement of a fabric texture 

tracked lattices and lighting deformation field

texture replacement results


            Texture replacement of an underwater texture


            Video superimposing:

“USA” is superimposed on the dress