Yang Wang

Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
wangy (at) cs (dot) cmu (dot) edu

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Research Areas

My research has been focused on Computer Vision, Graphics, Medical Image Analysis, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Computer Animation, and Augmented Reality.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, August 2000 - December 2006
    Stony Brook University, New York, USA

  • B.S. in Computer Science, September 1993 - July 1998
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Projects (more details)

The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University - Vision & Autonomous Systems Center (VASC)

Stony Brook University - the Center for Visual Computing

  • 3D Facial Modeling and Analysis Project. Joint work with Prof. Dimitris Metaxas and Prof. Ahmed Elgammal in Rutgers University and with Prof. Dimitris Samaras, Prof. David Xianfeng Gu, and Prof. Peisen Huang in Stony Brook University to build an end-to-end system including structured light based real-time 3D shape acquisition, range data registration, 3D facial motion tracking, and novel facial expression synthesis.

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) BME Project. Developing an integrated CCD-based image capture and motion tracking system, a core research of novel technologies for Positron Emission Temography (PET) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) that will allow imaging of the awake animal brain in real-time and in natural physiological conditions.

  • Virtual Building Project. Building a mobile camera scanning system as a part of advanced technologies for high-speed acquisition of 3D digital models of indoor environments, such as a museum.

  • Illumination Modeling Project. Developing a method for the detection and estimation of multiple directional illuminants, using only one single image of an object of arbitrary known geometry, by integrating information from shadows, shading and specularities in the presence of strong directional sources of illumination, even when significant non-directional sources exist in the scene.

Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA

  • Face Image Relighting and Recognition Project. Joint work with Dr. Zicheng Liu to investigate techniques for more accurate lighting estimation from images, and develop systems to estimate and modify the lighting conditions of an image for better visual perception and machine recognition.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL), Cambridge, MA

  • High Resolution Facial Feature Analysis Project. Joint work with Dr. Hanspeter Pfister and Dr. Michael Jones in MERL and Prof. Dimitris Samaras in Stony Brook University to develop appropriate statistical features to describe the intra- and extra-personal variations of high resolution face images, and to evaluate the performance of high-resolution facial feature analysis.


Journal Papers

Referred Conferences and Workshops

Other Publications

  • Non-Rigid Face Tracking with Enforced Convexity and Local Appearance Consistency Constraint. The Eighteenth Wireless and Optical Communications Conference, May, 2009 (Invited Talk).

  • Dimitris Samaras, Yang Wang, Lei Zhang, Sen Wang, Mohit Gupta. Face Modeling and Analysis in Stony Brook University. Video Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2005, San Diego, CA, June 2005.

  • Yang Wang, Dimitris Samaras. High Resolution Acquisition, Learning and Transfer of Dynamic 3D Facial Expressions. Graduate Research Conference 2004, Stony Brook, NY, May 2004.