Design Experience

Heuristics visualizations. Developed innovative "layered" method of visualizing problem solving heuristics. Built "Modeler's Assistant" application that helps user characterize groundwater flow over a given region. Worked closely with domain experts to incorporate mathematical models of groundwater flow. Designed interactive interface for user to "drill" wells in different locations, as well as data collection system for research on cognition and visualization. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1997-1998.

Graduate course in multimedia visualization. Developed course that emphasized 1) multimedia design principles and methods, including storyboarding and rapid prototyping; 2) project management strategies, including time management and identification/effective use of expert resources; and 3) extensive application-building using Macromedia Director and Lingo. Course designed for Satellite Video Program, to accommodate both co-located and distance learning. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1997-1998.

3D sediment contaminant visualizations. For U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as part of a large-scale sediment decontamination effort. Working with oceanographers, constructed analog representations of subaqueous core sampling. These representations formed the basis for designing the 3D visualizations of sub-aqueous sediment contaminants. The visualizations are available at the NY/NJ Harbor Sediment Chemistry site. The visualizations were built with IBM Open Visualization Data Explorer. The paper "Three Dimensional visualization of sediment chemistry in the New York Harbor" describes the visualization process and use of Data Explorer. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1997-1998.

Built affordable energy-efficient home. Minimized energy costs by incorporating stress-skin panel construction, thermal mass, heat exchanger, high-efficiency fireplace, & other innovative construction technologies. Designed living space layout. Designed and installed custom-patterned tile countertops and floors. House was featured in Harrowsmith Country Life, "A Home Of Her Own," November 1990 (Download PDF version, 1.9M). Pownal, VT. 1988-1989.