Project Examples

1. Designing robotic toys that allow autistic children (or children with other disabilities) to play/interact easily with other kids

2. Creating a relevant grammar to enable automated machine translation of low-density languages

3. Designing iconic or other means of allowing illiterate or non-English (or other commonly used language) speakers to use computers

4. Designing low-cost artificial limbs to allow injured farmers (or other land-mine victims) provide for their families

5. Designing low-cost, solar powered water pumps and purifiers, incubators, etc.

6. Creating a low-cost, locally manufacturable robotics education kit or implementing education tools for different subjects that can be shared via CD or the Internet

7. Designing information communication systems and/or intelligent databases to enhance e-governance, access to market prices, access to health-care information, access to pest identification databases, networking of grassroots organizations, enhancing publicity campaigns about AIDS, etc.

8. Creating portable, easy to use, medical diagnostic tools that can be used by individuals with low levels of training or developing vision-based (or other) techniques for remote diagnosis

9. Designing low-cost, alternatively powered, systems for storage and transportation of perishable agricultural products

10. Designing enhanced sensor-net systems for predicting commonly encountered epidemics in developing communities