Tuesday October 19, 1999 at 10:00 AM
Carnegie Mellon University
Room 4623 Wean Hall

The third and final Video Surveillance and Monitoring (VSAM) Demonstration will be held on October 19, 1999 at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Presentations will cover the underlying automated video understanding technologies for moving object detection, tracking, and classification; multi-camera coordination; real-time geopositioning ; VSAM system architecture; the operator control interface; and environmental modeling for video applications.

To facilitate technology transfer and minimize cost, attendence has been limited to Government representatives, including a broad spectrum of technologists from OSD and the Service labs formulating a new OSD initiative entitled Smart SensorWeb.

VSAM research is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as one of three battlefield awareness initiatives under the Image Understanding Program. The objective has been to develop automated video understanding technology within networks of "smart" cooperating video sensors. Potential applications use in future urban and battlefield surveillance range from building and parking lot security to monitoring restricted access areas in warehouses and airports, scanning urban environments for sniper activity, and performing reconnaissance on the battlefield. Technology advances developed under this project will enable one human operator at a remote workstation to supervise a network of VSAM platforms (stationary, moving on the ground, or airborne), having multiple, steerable sensors operating in the visible and infrared bands for continuous day/night operations. The platforms will be largely autonomous, notifying the operator of salient information as it occurs. In addition to advanced video/image processing and compression techniques, a great deal of collateral data and contextual knowledge will be incorporated into the VSAM system so that it can reliably perform its assigned tasks.


Directions to CMU

For more information, contact Stephanie Riso at riso@andrew.cmu.edu by October 13.