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VSAM IFD Research Overview


Institute Research Project Interests
CMU / Sarnoff Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance (IFD) G,A,V,S
USC Surveillance and Monitoring Using Video Images from A UAV A
Cornell Robust, On-line Event Detection and Classification for Video Monitoring G,A
Hebrew/Weizmann Multi-sensor Representation of Extended Scenes Using Multi-view Geometry G,A,V
U.Rochester Calibration-Free View Augmentation for Semi-Autonomous VSAMs H,V
UCSD Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Surveillance and Monitoring G,H,V
TI Robust Video Motion Detection and Recognition G,H
U.Maryland Model-Supported Visual and Acoustic Surveillance and Monitoring System H
MIT Media Lab Learning and Understanding Action in Video Imagery H
MIT AI Lab A Forest of Sensors G,H,S
SRI Extra Set of Eyes G,S
U. Wisconsin Steerable Gaze Control for a Video-Based Virtual Surveillant V
Columbia U. Omnidirectional Sensors and Live IUE for Video Surveillance and Monitoring S


Key Interest Group
G Ground-based vehicle monitoring and event analysis
H Human activity monitoring
A Airborne (UAV) video processing
V Visualization and VR overlays
S Sensors and sensor-level processing