Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance


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Table of Contents

Cooperative Multi-Sensor Video Surveillance

Goals and Approach

IFD Presentation Overview

1997 Bushy Run Demo

Technology Matrix

VSAM Supporting Technology

OCU Functional Model

Low-Level Support Technology

Target Detection and Tracking

Target Identification

Skeletonization from Extremal Points

Example of Skeletonization

Human Motion Analysis: Skeletonization

Normalized Color Component Histograms

Results: Abbey Road Example

Airborne VSAM Technology

Site Modeling to Support VSAM

Role of SEEDS; Part 1

Model-Based Target Geolocation

Model-Based Visibility Analysis

Role of SEEDS; Part 2

Sensor Coordination

Sensor Multi-Tasking

Sensor Hand-off

Activity Monitoring

Human-Vehicle Interaction

User Interface

Visualization Clients

Visualization: SEEDS

Visualization: Activity Synopses

Visualization: Synopsis mosaic

Visualization: Synopsis Mosaic

Visualization: Spherical mosaic interface

Author: R.Collins, A.Lipton, H.Fujiyoshi


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Presented at VSAM Workshop 3 Ft Benning, GA, April 16, 1998