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Automatic Imaging Indexing
Purple Band

Robust Video Motion Detection and Event Recognition The TI Automatic Video Indexing (AVI) system constructs event-based indices into security video sequences. A query interface allows the user to give commands such as "show me all the instances of a person entering the scene from the left", or "show me where this object is removed from the scene". Under the current image understanding contract, TI is applying the AVI system to detecting events in outdoor infrared images.

The first image below shows the interface being used to examine a sequence taken with a TI NightSight uncooled IR camera. The scene consists of an open field with a treeline and streambed at the back.

When the system is asked to find objects that enter the scene from the treeline, it finds points in the sequence that satisfy the query and displays them as thumbnails at upper right. Clicking on these thumbnails takes the main display to the corresponding point in the sequence, and highlights the objects participating in the event. The user can then use VCR-like controls to examine the portion of the sequence that contains the event.

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