Multiple Perspective Video Acquisition
at the
UCSD Visual Computing Laboratory


The purpose of this document is to describe the use of the multiple stream video acquisition apparatus at the UCSD Visual Computing Laboratory.


The multiple-perspective acquisition process follows these steps:
  1. Use mpdvr to acquire video streams in raw file format.
  2. Convert the raw file to the Visual Computing Laboratory's own mpiv0 format using mpiconvert. You can stop here if this file format is what you need.
  3. Transfer the files using ftp (or Samba if available) to the laboratory's Unix file server.
  4. Use mpivtopnm to convert the file to create a set of ppm files, or
  5. Use mpivmpeg to create an mpeg movie, or
  6. use mpivsgi to create an sgi movie.
The mpeg or sgi movie file created can be viewed with an appropriate viewer, or used in the Visual Computing Laboratory's environment model.

Quick-Start Guide

Follow this step-by-step example for a quick start to acquisition of multiple-perspective video sequences.

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