Baseball Data Set

The baseball event consists of 51 views of a single person swinging a baseball bat inside the Virtualized Reality project's 3D Dome. Each frame is a 245x320-pixel image, with 8-bit greyscale pixels. The top few rows contain the VITC time code, which was used to help synchronize the video across the 51 cameras.

In addition to the images, we have also provided the camera calibration parameters that we use to represent the projection of the 3D world into the images. These models are generated by Reg Willson's freeware implementation of Roger Tsai's camera calibration algorithm.

Download Area

All 51 camera images and (corrected) Tsai camera models. (3 MBytes)

NOTE: If you downloaded this data set before 19 MAY 1998, then the camera models are not correct. You can get just the 51 corrected camera models. (5368 bytes) (The latest data set includes a file "Version", which lists the data set as version 1.1. The initial release - version 1.0 - did not include this file.)

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