vijay viswanathan


PhD student, software engineer, scientist in training



I'm a first-year PhD student at the Language Technologies Institute in CMU's School of Computer Science, advised by Sherry Tongshuang Wu and Graham Neubig. I'm interested in developing interfaces for users to correct NLP model behavior and building NLP tools for scientists. I am fortunate to be supported by an NEC Student Research Fellowship.

In 2022, I received my MS in Intelligent Information Systems from CMU LTI, working with Pengfei Liu and Graham.

Before grad school, I worked as a software engineer for 4 years, deploying machine learning to solve practical problems at small startups (Yik Yak, Scaled Inference) and at a large industrial R&D lab (Uber ATG).

In 2016, I received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from CMU's Mellon College of Science.


  • (03-20-22) I'll be staying at CMU for the next 3+ years as a PhD student in Language and Information Technologies.
  • (06-07-21) Started a summer internship with Yoav Goldberg at AI2 Israel (remote) working on biomedical relation extraction!
  • (05-06-21) First-ever conference paper accepted (at ACL-IJCNLP 2021)! We show that using context from the citation graph is valuable for scientific information extraction.
  • (8-25-20) Joined the the MIIS program at CMU.

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