Vasco Calais Pedro, Ph.D.
Graduated August 2009

Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

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I am currently the CEO of Bueda, a Pittsburgh based startup.
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•My current work is focused on the use of multiple Ontologies in a Federated Approach. The goal is to cover the gap in knowledge for open domains by using an arbitrary number of ontologies. There are many issues with within this problem, the most salient beeing on how to match the query terms within ontologies and how to merge the results of ontological queries. If you want to know more please read my Thesis Proposal
•Some of my other research interests include Knowledge Extraction, Semantic Reasoning, Merging knowledge from multiple sources, the semantic web effort, human like AI, social networking, graph representations for structured knowledge and the application of Ontologies to open domain problems.
•Ph.D. in Language Technologies
      •Thesis Topic : Federated Ontology Search
      •Thesis Comittee: Jaime Carbonell, Eric Nyberg, Robert Frederking and Ed Hovy
      •Graduation: August 2009
•Master of Science in Language Technologies, Language Technologies Institute
•Licenciatura in Language and Knowledge Engineering, University of Lisbon
•Pedro V., Nyberg E. and Carbonell, J., "Federated Ontology Search",SIIK 2006, December 2006, Jogjakarta, Indonesia (pdf)
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•Gupta, R., Pedro V, "Knowledge Representation and Bayesian Inference for Response to Situations", Link Analysis Workshop, in Proceedings of the 20th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2005) (pdf)
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•Pedro, V., "From text to actions, Semantic reasoning within closed domains", Master thesis (pdf)
•Pedro, V., Ko J., Nyberg E., Mitamura T.,"An information Repository Model For Advanced Question Answering Systems", LREC 2004 (pdf)
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•Faria, I., Pedro, V., et all, "First steps of an artificial mother", proceedings of the Portuguese Linguistics Association conference, Lisbon 1999.
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Javelin Project : Justification-based Answer Valuation through Language Interpretation
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