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Modules in Detail
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This page contains information on  various issues encountered while the Design and Development.

bulletModules Identified
1.    Keypad Scanning and Decoding  
2.    Dialer
3.    LCD
4.    CD-ROM driver and search Module
5.    EEPROM interface for Mini-telephone Book
bulletDatabase Format of the Directory
1.    Format does not conform to xbase standard
2.    Format to be clarified with aid from MTNL
bulletMinimizing the number of keys on the Keypad
1.    Keys will be overloaded using multiple presses
bulletInterfacing of the above mentioned modules with the 8x51
1.    One 8255 for the CD ROM drive
2.    Interfacing the 8255 (8+5 lines), keypad (8 lines), Dialer (8 lines), LCD (8/4 + 3 lines) and the EEPROM (?? lines) with the 8x51 by memory mapped I/O


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