I am what I am, but not what I can be

When I am doing Work :-)
When I am Not doing Work :-)
When I am Seriously doing some work :-)
When I see somebody else Seriously doing Work.
(Guess what the other person ends up doing at the same time)

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

Q. Is it the friend who is in need or you?
A. My preference the friend

All that Glitters is not Gold

Q. Do I agree to it?
A. Drop the Gs and I will.

He who digs holes for others, falls in the same trap

Q. What about those who fall first and then create holes for others? like meteroids.
A. Oh! I did not think of that.
Warning: PhD is injurious to health

Something I like the most :-) (Of course I have still left the answer vague. i.e. Is it cats or kitten or sleeping or sleeping kitten or pictures or hammock or stupid webpages or .... ?)

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