Thomas Gross

Faculty member (adjunct)
Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891 USA

Office: Wean Hall 8214
: (voice) +1 (412) 268 7661
(fax) +1 (412) 268 5576
(secretary) +1 (412) 268 7550
(home) +1 (412) 422 7104 [answering machine]

This page is no longer updated. You can still reach me by email thomas.gross at or you can check my current home page


I have worked on the software, the architecture, or the applications for a variety of experimental computer systems; my main interest has always been the design and implementation of software. As a graduate student at Stanford, I participated in the (Stanford) MIPS project. At Carnegie Mellon, I was part of the Warp, iWarp and Fx projects. iWarp is an experimental parallel system with excellent communication capabilities; the Fx compiler supports both task and data parallelism and has been retargetted for a variety of parallel and distributed systems. My current projects investigate compiler construction (building on cmcc, an experimental C compiler) and the design of network-aware programs (as part of the Remulac project). More (background)?



I am interested in programming and software construction: compilers, the interface between hardware and software, parallel systems, distributed systems, and networks.

Most of my research is done in collaboration with my colleagues in the Computing, Media, and Communication Laboratory (CMCL). The CMCL pages contain information about past and present projects.

Some recent publications ....

Bolliger, J., Gross, T. and Hengartner, U., Bandwidth Modelling for Network-Aware Applications. In Proc. IEEE INFOCOM'99, pp. (to appear), New York, March 1999

Riehle, D. and Gross, T. Role-Model Based Framework Design and Integration. In Proc. OOPSLA'98, pp. 117--133. ACM, Vancouver, October 1998.

Bolliger, J. and Gross, T. A Framework-Based Approach to the Development of Network-Aware Applications. IEEE Trans. Softw. Eng. 24(5):376 -- 390, May 1998.

Gross, T. and O'Hallaron, D. iWarp: Anatomy of a Parallel Computing System, MIT Press, 1998.

Adl-Tabatabai, A. Gross, T. and Lueh, G. Code Reuse in an Optimizing Compiler. In Proc. OOPSLA'96, pp. 51--68. ACM, October 1996.

Adl-Tabatabai, A. and Gross, T. Source-Level Debugging of Scalar Optimized Code. In Proc. ACM SIGPLAN'96 Conf. on Prog. Language Design and Implementation, pp. 33--43. ACM, May 1996.

Not enough? (See the CMCL pages for papers that you can download.)

Leaving MacLand

I am switching from my Macs to PCs. Here is an incomplete list of software that eases my transition.

See my new page for more, less-outdated information.

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Mar 17, 1999